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 9th Infantry Division
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In Touch

The 5th/60th Association has received a number of posts from family members or friends of men who either were killed in Vietnam or who have passed away since.

These folks would love to get in touch with anyone who knew their loved ones, no matter how slightly.

If you knew any of these men please contact the Association Secretary for contact information.

Updated 9/22/12

Families Looking For

Last First Died Unit
Ambrose Thomas Died in USA Bravo Co 1967
Beck James Died 11/28/88 Bravo Co Sp4
Best Hugh (Butch) KIA - 1/29/69 Arty Lt B Co
Bishop Ronald KIA - 9/17/69 Alpha Co
Brooks James KIA - 3/19/70 Bravo Co
Calandrino Michael KIA - 2/25/69 KIA with 1/16/1st ID
Chapman Robert A Died - 2/2001 Bravo Co 66-67 SSG
Collins Floyd Eugene KIA - 10/9/67 HHC Medic
Dixon Patrick KIA - 5/28/69 1st Lt Rach Kien
Dixon Patrick KIA - 5/28/69 1st Lt Rach Kien
FitzPatrick George F. Jr. Died - 9/6/11 1st Lt Bravo Co XO
Ford Norman H. Died 6/6/2008 HHC
Gallegos Edward Died 8/5/06 Charlie Co
Gigli Eugene Died 8/8/11 Bravo Co 69-70
Gilman Frederick KIA - 3/16/70 Bravo Co
Gustavson Roy Allan Died 2/4/99 Wounded 5/13/67
Hamilton Charles KIA - 9/7/67 Charlie Co
Haught Gary Lee KIA - 9/17/69 Huey Door Gunner
Hensley Charlie Died - 1980 10/69-10/70
Holland Charles Ralph KIA - 12/19/67 Alpha Co Pfc
Hopkinson Allen D. (Hop) Died - 6/12/06 HHC
Horn Jerry KIA - 9/16/67 Alpha Co
Hughes Gordon KIA - 2/25/68 Charlie Co
Jones Al Died 11/1967 HHC
Lambert Steve KIA - 2/7/68 Bravo Co
Maze David KIA - 5/28/70 Bravo Co SP4
Niebauer Gerard R. Died 5/28/1997 Delta Co
O'Hare Edward (Big John) Died 2/17/2010 Charlie Co
Paniccia Ronald J. KIA - 11/22/68 Alpha Co
Picelle Frank KIA - 6/15/69 Alpha Co
Powlaski Frank Major Stroke Bravo Co 69-70
Reilly John KIA 10/23/68 KIA with 1/16/1st ID
Reiser Edward Died - 7/13/09 Alpha Co 68-69
Rhamy Raymond KIA - 6/25/67 Brqavo Co
Richmond Gary Died - 9/19/06 Delta Co
Riggins James KIA - 1/25/69 Charlie Co
Scarborough Edmund KIA - 5/10/68 Charlie Co CO
Sikorski Leo KIA - 9/17/69 HHC Battalion CO
Simpson Edward Monroe KIA - 5/11/68 Scout Dogs
Stein Armond KIA - 5/13/68 Charlie Co
Stovall Chatles KIA - 2/14/68 Charlie Co
Stroomer Ronald KIA - 1/17/68 Charlie Co
Taylor Glenn KIA - 2/1/68 Bravo Co Mechanic
Tibbets David KIA - 8/18/69 Bravo Co
Tiffany David KIA - 5/28/69 Echo Company
Torres Robert KIA 2/5/68 Charlie Co
Wall John Died 8/2003 Bravo Co
Weaver Terry KIA - 3/2/68 Bravo Co
Whitelaw George David KIA - 2/25/68 Bravo Co Mechanic
Whitney Dick KIA - 5/28/69 Echo Co
Wise Robert Died - 2/3/11 Charlie Co
Woodall Charles M Jr. (Butch) KIA - 1/25/69 Delta Co SP4
Woods Ray Houston KIA - 3/3/68 Alpha Co
York Robert KIA - 2/7/68 HHC