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Delta Company Roster

To those using this Roster:
This "Roster" is a living document and it is ours not mine.  Names followed by an asterisk ( * ) indicate people Killed in Action.  A lot of hours have gone into the preparation of this information.  There are bound to be errors and omissions that will need to be corrected.  Please take the time to look through the information and let me know of corrections or additions.  AND LET THE ASSOCIATON KNOW IF YOU CHANGE ADDRESSES, ETC.   Also, take the time to consider joining the Association if you haven't already.  This Roster is only as good as the people that participate in it.

Ernie Saldivar


Updated 7/25/15


rosterdelta Roster Delta
Roster Delta
Last First Years Rank Notes
Abramson Robert H 68/69 SSG 4th Plt SGT
Alexander Arthur D. Jr. 12/69-8/70 SSGT 3rd Plt SGT
Anderson Larry D 68/69 SP4
Anderson Roger D 7/69-6/70 1SG First SGT
Arthur Larry N 68-69 SP4
Asetete Luis E 68-69 SP4
Auger Russell N 68-69 SP4
Augle Ronald L 68-69 SP4
Ayres Randall A 68-69 SP4
Baker Kenneth B 68-69 SP4
Baker Dennis L 68-69 SP4
Barr Jessie W 68-69 SP4
Bates G. 69-70 SP4
Benson Gorman L 68-69 SP4
Benson B. 69-70 SP4
Bernanek V. 69-70 SP4
Bialobak Edward J. 3/70-8/70 SGT
Binkley Billy E.. 3/70-6/70 SGT
Blair Ervin Ervin R 68-69 SP4
Bouchard Jerome F 68/69 SGT Mail Clerk
Brady Wayne J 68/69 PFC
Brinkley Joseph 68/69 SP4
Brown William C. 2/70-5/70 PFC
Bull David 68/69 SSG 1st PLt Sergeant
1968 CPT Company Commander
Burton Ernest W 68/69 SP4
Canino F. 69-70 SP4
Capetillo Cruz 68/69 SP4
Casey Bobbie E 6/69-6/70 CPT Company Commander
Christian Delmar J 68/69 SP4
Christianson Arthur F 68/69 SP4
Cintron Harry M 1/69-6/69 SGT
Clem J. 69-70 PFC
Cluff David B 1/69-1/70 SP4
Cody William F Jr. 68/69 SP4
Cogley Robert 68/69 SP4
Connelly John M. SR. 68/69 SP4 Arty RTO FO Deceased
Cook Eddie L 68/69 SP4
Cornelious Willie L 68/69 SP4
Cornell Kenneth L 68/69 SGT
Coye Lester R Jr. 68/69 SP4
Crawford Richard L 10/68-7/69 SGT
Crenshaw Robert A 1/69-1/70 SP4 Died 9/13/13
Culvert Aulbrey W. 4/70 - 9/70 PFC
Cunningham Charles A. 3/70-6/70 SFC
Curtin Robert L 1/69-1/70 SP4
69-70 SP4
Dalton Frank 68/69 SP4
Daniels Donald E 68/69 SP4
Davis George M 68/69 SGT
Dawson Calvin F 68/69 PFC
Day Jack W.
68/69 2LT
Degelder Terrence 7/68-7/69 SP4
Dehart William 2/70 - 7/70

Dlasone Peter K 68/69 SP4
Dodd Dennis R. 6/69-12/69 1LT 3rd Plt.
Doerfler Ralph J 68/69 1SGT First Sergeant
Dooley Donald H 68/69 SP4
Doser Walter J 68/69 SP4
Doser W. 69-70 SP4
Doss William O 68/69 SP4
Duggan Yogi William 69-70 SP4
Edwards James D 68/69 SP4
Edwards Valdemar A 68/69 SP4
Emery Reginald E. 68-69 SP4
Erickson David H. 3/70-6/70 PFC
Evans * Loney Jr. 6/68-1068 CPL KIA 10/5/68
Faby Richard C Jr. 68-69 SP4
Farah Dennis G. 5/69-4/70 SP4
Farley * Andrew S. Jr. 4/69-6/69 PFC KIA 6/3/69
Fernberg Richard C. 69-70 SGT
Ferrel Larry B. 68/69 SGT
Ford Edwin R 68/69 SP4
Fowler Robert W 68/69 SP4
Fowler Charles D. 68/69 SP4
Fox Grant 68/69 SP4
Francois Arthur R 68/69 SP4
Fransworth Richard S 68/69 SP4
Fredericksen Glenn R 68/69 SP4
Freeman Harry S 68/69 SP4
Frymiller Curtis L 68/69 SP4
Gales Robert L 68/69 SP4
Gary Freddy O 68/69 SP4
Gayle Ralph R 68/69 SP4
Gibson Charles P 68/69 SP4
Gibson C. 69-70 SP4
Giles John 1/70-5/70 PFC
Gilroy Martin C 1/69-7/69 SP4
Gilts Harden 68/69 SP4
Godfrey Robert J 68/69 SP4
Godman * Earl A 1/69-5/69 SGT KIA 5/28/69
Golemboski Joseph J 68/69 SP4
Gosse Tom 68-69 1LT
Gough Robert L 68/69 SP4
Greene * Benny D 7/68-4/70 SGT KIA 4/13/70
Gregg Gerald B. 69-70 2LT Plt Ldr
Griffen Terry R 68/69 SP4
Guevara Richard R 12/68-12/69 SGT
Hagemeier * Thomas V. 5/69-7/69 PFC KIA 7/3/69
Halliday J. 69-70 SSG
Hamlin Jerald M 68/69 SP4
68/69 TS
Hanna Edwin H 68/69 SP4
Hanna Murlin O. 1969 PFC
Harold Vincent III 68/69 SP4
Harold Vincent C. III 69-70 SSG Plt Sgt
Harper Stephens A 68/69 SP4
Harrel James A Jr. 68/69 SP4
Harrigan H. 69-70 SP4
Harris Gary O 10/68-8/69 SGT
Hartpence Don L 68-69 SP4
Harville Jerry D 68/69 SP4
Hatenrichter Durwood 69-70 SP4 Supply Clerk
Hawkins Eddie D. 69-70 PFC
Haynes Eddie L. 1969 PFC
Henrie M. 69-70 SP4
Henry James E 68/69 SP4
Hernandez Eiser M 68/69 SP4 Deceased
Hernandez Filemen S. 1/70-5/70 SP4
Hirai Norman 10/68-10//69 1LT 1st Plt Leader
Hitchcock Duane 6/69-1/70 SP4
Hoay S. 69-70 SP4
Hocutt Charles H 68/69 SP4
Hoehne Richard A 1/69-5/69 SP4
Hudgins Ray 68/69 SP4
Hughes Gregory A. 1969 SP4
Humphrey James L 68/69 SGT Commo Sergeant
68/69 TS
Hunter Larry E.
1969 PFC
Hunter E. 69-70 SP4
Hurlbut Kenneth 69-70 SGT Mortars - Deceased
Hurley Gerald T. 69/70 SP4
Hutchinson Donald E. 68/69 SP4
Iafrate David A. 1969 PFC
Jackman Gary 6/69-12/69 SGT
Jacob leroy J. 1970 1SGT
Jacobs James E. 68/69 SP4
Jasper John K 68/69 SP4
Jenkins James R 68/69 SP4
Jerophe Robert G 68/69 SP4
Jeropke R. 69-70 SP4
Jett L. 69-70 SP4
Joecks E. 69-70 PFC
Johnson B. 69-70 SP4
Johnson George F 68/69 SP4
Johnson Jessie T 69/70 SP4
Johnson R. 69-70 SP4
Johnson S. 69-70 PFC
Johnson Gary L 68/69 SP4
Jones M. 69-70 PFC
Jones Robert L 68/69 SP4
Jones Willie O 69/70 SP4
Jones Jessie 68/69 SP4
Judie Johnny E 68/69 SP4
Judie J. 69-70 SP4
Juneau Jeffery W 69/70 SP4
Kamai Benjamin K 68/69 SP4
Kane Richard T 7/69-3/70 SP4
Kasinskas Joseph A 69/70 SGT Company Clerk
Keene Howard M 1/69-8/69 SP4
Keller Lewis P 69/70 SP4
Kelley Fred C 1/70-9/70 SGT
Kelly Terrance W. 1970 PFC
Kerlick Walter M 69/70 SP4
Kessing * Thomas E. Jr. 1/70-8/70 SP4 KIA 8/25/70
King Myron J. 69-70 SP4
Kiniery James M 68/69 SP4
Klock Floyd R Jr. 69/70 SP4
Kneely Carl 1968 PFC Security Guard
Knippel Richard E 69/70 SP4
Kollock Prentiss C. 69-70 SP4
Kraft Emory C. 69-70 PFC
69-70 PFC
Kumer Richard C 68/69 SP4
Landers John (Monk) 12/68-12/69 SP4
Langley Bobby D 12/68-12/69 SP4
Layton Laurence G. 7/69-5/70 SGT
Leddige James R 69/70 SGT
Ledin * Daniel B. 10/68-6/69 PFC KIA 6/17/69
Leiker Stephen 6/69-2/70

Leither Stephens J 68/69 SP4
Leone Peter F Jr. 69/70 SP4
Lester Coye R Jr. 69/70 SP4
Lewis Bobby J 69/70 SP4
Lewis Charles W 68/69 SP4
Lewis Jerry 2/69-8/69 SP4
Lewis R. 69-70 SP4
Lidury Charles W 69/70 SP4
Linsay Leslie A 69/70 SP4
Lott Gerry 6/69-8/69

Love James T.

Lumpkin Rabian C. Jr. 69/70 SP4
Lunger R. 69-70 SP4
Luppens Arnette Joe 5/69-7/70 SP4

Lussier Andre 4/69-6/70 SP4
Lynch Mike 8/69-8/70 PFC
Lynch * Peter 1/69-6/69 SP4 KIA 6/11/69
1968 CPT Company Commander
Mack T. 69-70 PFC
Maddox Marshall K. 1/70-10/70 SGT Deceased
Madison John J 68/69 SP4
Maloney James J 2/69-6/69 SGT
Maniss Ralph S 1/69-1/70 SP4
Maples Gilbert V 69-70 SSG Plt Sgt
Marshall Phillip R 68/69 SP4
Marshall James W 68/69 SP4
Martin Philip 1/70-8/70

Martin John R. 1/70-5/70 SP4

Martinez Robert 68/69 SP4
Massey Alvin T 68/69 SP4
Mathews G. 69-70 SP4
Mayfield Lawrence P 68-69 SGT
Mays Joseph D 1/69-1/70 SP4
McCants Ron 8/69-8/70 PFC RTO
McCloskey Ronald E 68/69 SP4
McCollgan Daniel J 69/70 SP4
McCormick Thomas A 3/69-3/70 SP4 Deceased
McCrumen R. 69-70 PFC
McNickle James A. 1969 SP4
Medek J. 69-70 PFC
Melendez Carlos 1968 SP4 Security Guard
Mendez-Rosario Juan 69/70 SP4
Merwin Donald L. 69/70 SP4
Meyer Robert D 69/70 SP4
Meyer S. 69-70 SP4
Meyer Steven J 68/69 SP4
Meyer Phillip C. 6/69-6/70 SP4
Miller Donald J 1/69-6/69 1LT 3th Plt Leader
Miller James C 68/69 SP4
Miller John 1968 SP4 Security Guard
Mills Herbert C III 68/69 SP4
Mills W. 69-70 SP4
Minami Edward J 68/69 SGT
69/70 TS
Moles Gary E.
1970 PFC
Monterola-Diaz Alfredo 68/69 SP4
Moon Dick A 69/70 SSG
Moore James D 69/70 SP4
Moore Joe M 1969 SP4
Moore * James M. 5/69-11/69 SGT KIA 11/13/69
Moppin Daniel 9/68-7/69 SP4 Medic
Morales-Lugo Jose 68/69 SGT
Morisette Dennis G 69/70 SP4
Mosley Phillip C 69/70 SP4
Mowhurter Donald A 68/69 SP4
Mushow Thomas 68/69 SP4 S2
Mutz Larry R 7/68-7/69 SGT
Myer Robert L 68/69 SP4
Myrick Thomas R. 6/69-5/70 SP4 Supply Clerk
Najera Manuel Z 68/69 SP4
Nation Roger L 69/70 SGT
Nelson Danny C 68/70 SGT
Niebauer Gerrard R 69/70 SGT Co S. Driver - Deceased
Nieman Richard W 69/70 SGT
Nigado Peter 1970
Nolles James 1/70-10/70

Novosad William M 5/69-5/70 1LT Plt Ldr
Nowak Bernard K. 8/69-10/70 PFC
Oaks Donny 6/69-1/70 SP4
O'Cain Tommy D 68/69 SP4
O'Gain T. 69-70 PSG
Olson Thomas 69/70 SP4
O'Neal James L 69/70 CPT Company Commander
Ortega Michael E.
1969-1970 2LT Plt Ldr
Padgett H. 69-70 PFC
Parker Theodore 68/69 SP4
Parrot Boyd G 68/69 SP4
Patterson James A. 5/69-6/70 SP4 Deceased
Patty Terry 69-70 SP4
Paulmin William E Jr. 68/69 SP4
Payne Ronald D 1/69-1/70 SSG 3th Plt Sergeant
Payne C. 69-70 SP4
Payne Charles L 68/69 SP4
Perno John L 6/68-6/69 SGT
Peters Walter E 69/70 SP4
Phillips Edward A 68-69 SGT
Pierce Robert J 68/69 SP4
Pink William 6/68-8/69

Porter Dale P. 5/69-5/70 SP4 Deceased
Powers * Ronald E. 9/5/68-10/4/68 PFC KIA 10/4/68
Price Robert J. 69/70 SP4
Price Ulis III 69/70 SP4
Primas Arthur M 69/70 SGT
Priolo Charles J Jr. 68/69 SP4
Puga Angel 69/70 SP4
Quade William J 68/69 SP4
Rastetter Kenneth G 1969-1970 2LT Plt Ldr
Rawlings Jack 8/69-8/70 SGT
Retsema Kenneth E 6/68-6/69 SP4 Plt RTO
Riccio Thomas M Jr. 68-69 SP4
Rice J. 69-70 SP4
Rich Norman E. 1969 SP4
1969 SP4
Richmond Gary W 69/70 SP4 Deceased
Ridgeway William 9/69-9/70 PFC
Rieber Larry J 69/70 SP4
Riegner Francis M 68/69 SP4
Ritter P. 69-70 PFC
Rivera-Cintron Jose 69/70 SP4
Roberts John W 69/70 SGT
Robinson Arthur G 69-70 SSG Plt Sgt
Robinson Clegg G 11/68-9/69 SGT
Robinson Freddie 68-69 SP4
Rodreguez Jesus J 69/70 PFC
Roedts Richard J 69 SP4
Romanick Richard B 9/68-6/69 SSG 2nd Plt Sgt-Deceased
Ronaghan Walter L 2/69-1/70 SSG
Root James D 69/70 SP4
Rowley William E Jr. 68-69 SP4
Russell Roy R 69/70 SP4
Sager William Jr. 69/70 SP4
Saldivar Ernest 2/69-2//70 SSG Supply Sergeant
Saucer Byron E 68-69 SP4
Schoolcraft Hollis D 1970 CPT Company Commander
Schuldt Michael L 10/68-8/69 SP4 Plt RTO
Sechrist W. 69-70 PFC
69-70 SP4
Sefranka Paul M.
5/69-9/69 SP4
Setterington William J.
1970 1LT Plt Ldr
Shaffer Jack A 69/70 SP4 Plt RTO
Sharp Duane D. 1969 SP4 Clerk
Shaw * William F.J. 3/70-8/70 SGT KIA 8/6/70
Sheffield James A 68/69 SP4
Shipp Nathaniel E 68-69 SP4
Shultz Richard A 69/70 SP4
Sibayan * Franklin D. 5/69-7/69 SP4 KIA 7/28/69
Simmons Frank Jr. 69-70 SGT Retired Sgt Major
Skinner Harry F. 1/70-5/70 SP4
Smilley S. 69-70 PFC
Smith Jimmy W 69/70 SP4 Supply Clerk
Smith Carry D 68-69 SP4
Snell Daniel 69/70 SP4
Snodgrass Wilder (Mac) 4/68-10/68 CPT
Soleta Ronald R 1/69-1/70 SP4
Soria Ronnie J 3/69-11/69 SP4
Spalla Augie 1/70-12/70 SGT
Spurlock Bobby J 68-69 SP4
Stabile Thomas A 2/69-2/70 SP4
Stahls Michael H 68-69 SP4
Steihr Thomas J 69/70 SP4
Stephens Robert. 69-70 PFC
Stephens Jack 69/70 SP4
Stevens Jack 1/69-4/70 PFC
Stewart Henry L 68-69 SP4
Stillman Johnny T. 69-70 PFC
Stivher David L 68-69 SP4
Stone Clovis R 68-69 SP4
Stout Robert 9/68-7/69 SSG Alt Plt Sergeant
Stripling William I 69/70 SSG
Summerville Eric A 68-69 SGT Ist Plt Leader
Sundt Keith W 68/69 2LT
69-70 PFC
Swane * Brian E. 1/69-5/69 SP4 KIA 5/6/69
Sweet Larry 69/70 SP4 Armorer
Swilley Samuel L. Jr. 1969 PFC
Syeovic Don L 68-69 SP4
Talk Edmond C 68-69 SP4
Tate G.S. 1/70-5/70 SP4
Taylor Michael L 69-70 SP4
Taylor Arthur E 69-70 SP4
Terensky Dennis J 69-70 SP4
Thibdeauz Dennis P 69-70 SP4
Thomas Robert J 68-69 SGT
Thompkins T. 69-70 SP4
Thompson Donald L. 69-70 PFC
Tippett Kenneth W. 69-70 SP4
Toledo Victor R 68-69 SP4
Tople Terry A 68-69 SP4
Totino J. 69-70 SP4
Townsend Ronnie L 68-69 SP4
Trimbur Robert C 1/69-6/69 SP4
Trujillo John E 10/68-9/69 1LT 2nd Plt Leader
Trujillo Phillip J 1/69-1/70 SP4
Tyo James B Jr 68-69 SGT
Valdez Silvano 1/70-5/70 SP4
Van Blaircom Gary T 68-69 SGT
Van Dyke Dale A 68-69 SP4
Vanchelette John R 68-69 SP4
Volwinkle Robert L. 69-70 SP4
69-70 SP4
Waite James H 68-69 SP4
Walker Maurice W. 2/70-12/70 SP4
Walsh Robert J 9/68-7/69 SP4
Warren Danny J. 69-70 SP4
Watkins Ians Jr. 68-69 SP4
Welsh Robert T 68-69 SP4 Commo SGT
Westergarrd Robert J 68-69 SP4
Weyman Elmer W 68-69 SP4
White * Oscar L. 5/69-7/69 SSG KIA 7/10/1969
Wiedeman Rodney D 68-69 SGT
Wileman Joseph A. 1969 SP4
Wilknson Wilbur T 68-69 SP4
Williams J Johnny P 68-69 SP4
Wilson Willie J 68-69 SP4
Wilson G. James 68-69 SP4
Wilson Clyde D 68-69 SP4
Winczura John 9/69-3/70 SP6
Wodack Larry E 7/69-8/69 SP4
Woodall * Charles M. Jr. 11/68-1/69 SP4 1/25/69
Woodwnshee Alan E 68-69 SP4
Wright Jack E 68-69 SP4
Wright Gerald R. 3/70-8/70 PFC
Young R. 69-70 SP4
Youtz Willis P 69-70 SGT
Zastrow Ronnie M 11/68-12/69 SGT


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