5th Battalion, 60th Infantry Regiment
3rd Brigade
 9th Infantry Division
In the Republic of Vietnam




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5th/60th Battalion Roster M - Z

This "Roster" is only as good as we make it.
If anyone notices any errors or ommissions, please bring it to my attention.

For more information on an individual go to the Company Roster

William "Metz" Metzler

Names followed by an asterisk ( * ) indicate people Killed in Action.

Updated 7/25/15


560 Roster M - Z

roster560a Roster 560
Roster 560
Last First Company
Maberry Dan M. Bravo Co
Mabus Barry R. Charlie Co
Delta Co
Machak John R. Alpha Co
Mack T. Delta Co
Mack William HHC
MacKechnie Mac Alpha Co
Mackey Russell R. Charlie Co
Mackey * David R. Charlie - HHC
Maclennan Charles A. Charlie Co
MacMillan Harry L. HHC
Madarano Otto HHC
Madden Aubrel L. Alpha Co
Maddox Marion G. Alpha Co
Maddox Raymond L. Echo Co
Maddox Marshall K. Delta Co
Madison John J. Delta Co
Madsen Michael HHC
Magee William HHC
Magistro Nicholas Bravo Co
Maglennan Charles A. Charlie Co
Magnuson Bruce Bravo Co
Magnusson David E. HHC
Majocha James C. Bravo Co
Makemson Jack Charlie Co
Malcolm Jerry V HHC
Malfara Michael J. Bravo Co
Malicoat Harry L. Alpha Co
Mallery Robert E. Charlie Co
Mallett Gene Alpha Co
Mallory Robert E. Charlie Co
Echo Co
Malone Carl Echo Co
Malone Morris Bravo Co
Malone Edgar R. Bravo Co
Maloney James J. Delta Co
Maloof Raymond E. Charlie - Alpha
Maloy Edward E. Alpha Co
Manalo Robert HHC
Charlie Co
Maniss Ralph S. Delta Co
Mann William Alpha Co
Manning Freddie G. Charlie Co
Mansfield Dale E HHC
Mantel James G HHC
Manza Brian Charlie Co
Maples Gilbert V. Delta Co
Marable James W. Alpha Co
Marcano Jose A. Alpha Co
Marcks Richard E. Bravo Co
Marcotte Joseph P. Charlie Co
Marcum Nevel HHC
Bravo Co
Marken Robert H. Bravo Co
Marler Welsey W. Charlie Co
Marquez Art Bravo Co
Marquez David E. Bravo Co
Marr Leonard T. Bravo Co
Marr Samuel E. Charlie Co
Marroquin * Pedro Jr. HHC
Marrs John E. Charlie Co
Marsden Douglas E. Bravo Co
Alpha Co
Marsh Terr L. Bravo Co
Marshall James W. Delta Co
Marshall David HHC
Marshall Robert J. Bravo Co
Marshall Phillip R. Delta Co
Marsteller Michael A. Alpha Co
Martin Philip Delta Co
Martin Thomas C. Charlie Co
Martin John R. Delta Co
Martin Thomas J. III Alpha Co
Martin Anthony Alpha Co
Martin John E. Bravo Co
Martin William S. HHC-Recon
Martin Donald Bravo Co
Martin David P. Bravo Co
Martinez Robert Delta Co
Martinez Enrique Bravo Co
Martinez Ildef-Onso Bravo Co
Martinez Raymond J. Bravo Co
Martinez David B. Bravo Co
Martinez Ernest F Jr HHC
Martinez Luis HHC
Martinson Michael HHC
Marty Raymond L. Bravo Co
Mascitti Louis M. Bravo Co
Mason Charles C. Bravo - Echo
Massey Alvin T. Delta Co
Massey Earl Alpha Co
Matassa John Bravo Co
Mathews G. Delta Co
Matney Larry D. Charlie Co
Charlie Co
Maxfield Edward HHC
Maxwell * Elbert H. Bravo Co
May James C. Jr. Bravo Co
May Stephen R. Alpha Co
May Charles M. HHC
Mayabb Lonnie W. Alpha Co
Alpha Co
Mayes Samuel R. Bravo Co
Mayfield Lawrence P. Delta Co
Mayo Lawrence Charlie Co
Mayo Ronald W. HHC
Mays Joseph D. Delta Co
Mays, Garald Charlie Co
Mayville Ronald J. Charlie Co
Maze * David L. Bravo Co
Mazzetti Roderick HHC
McAlarney John C. III Alpha Co
McAleer Arthur Alpha Co
McAloon Patrick C. Charlie Co
McAnally Talmadge Jr. Charlie Co
McBridge Jackie E. Bravo Co
McCants Ron Delta Co
McCarron Geoffrey Alpha Co
McCarthy David D. Alpha Co
McCarthy Michael J HHC
McCaskell Dan G. HHC
McCaulley Robert Bravo Co
McClay Richard J. HHC
McClean Michael A Charlie Co
McClenahan Robert E. Charlie Co
McClendon Jerome S. Bravo Co
McClish Billie E HHC
McCloskey Ronald E. Delta Co
McCollgan Daniel J. Delta Co
Bravo Co
Charlie Co
McComas Gary D. Bravo Co
McConnell Robert H. Charlie Co
McCorkle Sammie D. Bravo - HHC
McCormick Brian W. Bravo Co
McCormick Thomas A. Delta Co
McCormick George Bravo Co
McCoullough * Ben Jr Charlie Co
McCoy Robert Charlie Co
McCray Edward Jr. Bravo Co
McCrumen R. Delta Co
McCulla James HHC
McCulley Robert Bravo Co
McDaniel * Richard B. Bravo Co
McDaniels Wayne Echo Co
McDill Sager Charlie Co
McDonald Charles E. Charlie Co
McDonald John M. Bravo Co
McDonnell Harry R. Alpha Co
McDowell Michael J. Bravo Co
McDuff Marvinn D. Charlie Co
McDuffie James F. Alpha Co
McFarland Robert Alpha Co
McFarland Clifford Alpha Co
McFarland Kale Charlie Co
McFarley Joseph Bravo Co
McGarvey * William B. HHC
McGaughy Robert HHC
McGee Gary S. Alpha Co
McGee Thomas P. Bravo Co
McGovern * Kevin B. Bravo Co
Echo Co
McGuire William P. Bravo Co
McHale Bill Alpha Co
McHugh Gaylon D. Alpha Co
McIntosh Danny R. Alpha Co
McKeen Donald Bravo Co
McKinney Earnest L. HHC
McKinstry Marvin Bravo Co
McKnight James L Charlie Co
McKoy Neal Bravo Co
McLaughlin Thomas
Alpha Co
McLean Robert F. Charlie Co
McLelian Donald S HHC
McLellan * John M. Echo Co
McManigle Wallace Bravo Co
McManigle Wallace C. Charlie Co
McMullan John A. Bravo Co
McNair William HHC
McNeely Robert Alpha Co
McNickle James A. Delta Co
McPartland John Charlie Co
McPherson Joseph Bravo Co
McReynolds William Charlie Co
McTavey Robert W. Bravo Co
McWaters * Dalton H. Alpha Co
Mebane Ernest Bravo Co
Mechem * Jesse Bravo Co
Meddaugh Mike A. Alpha Co
Medeiros John J. Bravo Co
Medek J. Delta Co
Medford Bill D. Alpha Co
Medford Bill D. Charlie Co
Medina Muyet A. Bravo Co
Medina Raul R. Bravo Co
Meeks Frederick H. Alpha Co
Meidinger James R. Bravo Co
Meister Joseph Charlie Co
Meizler Stanley HHC
Bravo Co
Melende Carlos HHC
Melendez Carlos HHC - Delta
Mello Rick Bravo Co
Melmed Victor M. Charlie Co
Meloy James R. Alpha Co
Melson James R. Bravo Co
Melvin Keith K. Alpha Co
Melvin Thomas R. Alpha Co
Mencer Andrew E. Charlie Co
Mendez-Rosario Juan Delta Co
Mendonga Bernard HHC - Echo
Mendoza Robert Alpha Co
Menegat Norman D. Charlie Co
Mercer Michael B. HHC
Merrell Michael G. Alpha Co
Merrill Bradford C. Charlie Co
Mersand Stanley H. Bravo Co
Merschrod * Lawrence R. Bravo Co
Merwin Donald L. Delta Co
Mesa Vicente G. Bravo Co
Messantonio William W. Alpha Co
Metcalf Samuel E. Bravo Co
Metts Jimmie HHC
Metzler William P. Bravo Co - HHC
Meyer Robert D. Delta Co
Meyer S. Delta Co
Meyer Steven J. Delta Co
Meyer Harold HHC- Recon
Meyer Robert E. Alpha Co
Meyer Kennerth A. Echo Co
Meyer Richard Charlie Co
Meyer Phillip C. Delta Co
Meyers Henry F. Bravo Co
Meyers Roy J. Jr. Charlie Co
Mezek Thomas K. HHC
Michaelson Harry Alpha Co
Michal Steven C. Bravo Co
Michalski Robert HHC S-4
Middlebrooks G. Bravo Co
Middlekauff * David Bravo Co
Midgley Edward A. Charlie Co
Miguel Mariano Jr. Bravo Co
Mikkelson Daniel Charlie Co
Mikkelson Neal W. HHC
Mil???is Frank Charlie Co
Milbrodt * Gerald L. HHC
Miles Monroe H. Bravo Co
Miles Willie E. Bravo Co
Mileski James E. Charlie Co
Miley Edward HHC
Bravo Co
Miller Richard L. Charlie Co
Miller Ronald J. Charlie Co
Miller Robert C. Bravo Co
Miller John C. Bravo Co
Miller Edward Bravo Co
Miller Marty Charlie Co
Miller John W HHC
Miller Stinson J. HHC
Miller Tommy Alpha Co
Miller Lyle G. Alpha Co
Miller John Delta Co
Miller Larry D. Charlie Co
Miller James C. Delta Co
Miller Donald J. Delta Co
Miller James D (Jim) HHC
Miller * Oren K. Bravo Co
Mills Thomas L. Bravo - Echo
Mills Herbert C..III Delta Co
Mills W. Delta Co
Mills Bruce Bravo Co
Mills Dennis J. Bravo Co
Minami Edward J. Delta Co
Delta Co
Miner * Michael D. HHC
Mingus David R. Charlie Co
Mintz James Charlie Co
Minyard Claytour Bravo Co
Alpha Co
Mitchell John C. Alpha Co
Mitchell Sidney Alpha Co
Mitchell John D. HHC - Charlie
Mitchell Sidney Jr. Alpha Co
Mitchelson Gerald HHC
Mitkos Lynn Alpha Co
Mize * William D. Bravo Co
Moen Ted R. Alpha Co
Echo Co
Moles Gary E. Delta Co
Molette Willie Bravo Co
Echo Co
Alpha Co
Monstrola Thomas HHC
Monte Gary J. Charlie Co
Monterola-Diaz Alfredo Delta Co
Montgomery Gerald HHC
Montgomery Edmond Alpha Co
Montgomery Richard Bravo Co
Montoda Maurice J HHC
Moody Donald R. Bravo Co
Moody Larry Charlie Co
Moody Michael Bravo Co
Moon Dick A. Delta Co
Moore David W. Bravo Co
Moore Albert C. Bravo Co
Moore Billy J HHC
Moore John Bravo Co
Moore James W. HHC
Moore Kenny F. Charlie Co
Moore Robert HHC
Moore Peyton T. Bravo Co
Moore Kenny F (Fred) Bravo Co - HHC
Echo Co
Moore Joe M. Delta Co
Moore James D. Delta Co
Moore George H. HHC
Moore James M. HHC
Moore Gordon Charlie Co
Moore * James M. Delta Co
Moorman James Bravo Co
Morack * Gene C. Bravo Co
Moraho Gilbert Charlie Co
Morales Edgardo Bravo Co
Morales-Lugo Jose Delta Co
Morgan Norman G. Alpha Co
Morgan Thomas Bravo Co
Morgan Dale E. Bravo Co
Morgan Michael W. HHC
Morin George Echo Co
Morisette Dennis G. Delta Co
Morrell Ralph H Charlie Co
Morris Lonnie G. Charlie Co
Morris Lonnie G. Alpha Co
Morris Edward W HHC
Morris Larry Charlie Co
Morris Charles E. Charlie Co
Morris Robert M. Charlie Co
Morrison * Joseph W. Bravo Co
Morron Donald K. Bravo Co
Morrow Gerald Charlie Co
Morrow Roy C. Bravo Co
Mosakowski Larry (Tiny) Alpha Co
Mosbach * Michael P. Charlie Co
Mosbrucker Henry K HHC
Moseley * Steven C. Alpha Co
Moses John HHC
Mosley Phillip C. Delta Co
Moss William H. Jr. Alpha Co
Motoda Maurice J HHC - Echo
Mount Paul B. II Charlie Co
Mount Dennis Bravo Co
Mowhurter Donald A. Delta Co
Moyer Glenn R. Bravo Co
Mueller Michael M. Echo Co
Mullins Silas HHC
Mullins Jesse R. Alpha Co
Mullins Richard (Keith) Alpha Co
Mummert * Allen L. HHC
Munford Larry HHC
Murai Roger N HHC
Murgatroy William A. Bravo Co
Murillo Alex P. Bravo Co
Murphy Daniel Bravo Co
Murphy Armand Bravo Co
Murphy Ronald F. Bravo Co
Murphy Timothy Bravo Co
Murphy James R. Charlie Co
Murphy John P HHC
Murray Arthur L. Bravo Co
Murray Haddon Jr. Alpha Co
Mushow Thomas Delta - HHC
Mutz Larry R. Delta Co
My?rs Howard Charlie Co
Myer Robert L. Delta Co
Myers Henry F. Bravo Co
Myers James L. HHC (Delta Co)
Myers Vernon E. Alpha Co - HHC
Myers Rolland B. Alpha Co
Myrick Thomas R. Delta Co
Nailor John L. Charlie Co
Najera Manuel Z. Delta Co
Nall James Charlie Co
Namauleg Joaquin Charlie - HHC
Napoliello Gerald HHC
Nash Robert HHC
Nash Roosevelt Charlie Co
Nastetter Kenneth Bravo Co
Nation Roger L. Delta Co
Naugel Scott E. Charlie Co
Naulty James D. Alpha Co
Nauyalis Robert Mark Alpha Co
Navarro Jesus Z. Bravo Co
Nazabal * Arturo A. Jr. Alpha - HHC
Neal Robert G. Alpha Co
Neal Charles HHC
Nealey Otto HHC
Nebe George A. Bravo Co
Nebel * Thomas A. Echo Co
Neely John W HHC
Negris Rocco HHC
Nehrlich David HHC - Bravo
Neild Frank Charlie Co
Neilist Robert R. Bravo Co
Neleca Frank HHC
Nelms Aaron Bravo Co
Nelsen Robert B. Charlie Co
Nelson Danny C. Delta Co
Nelson Lanny R. Alpha Co
Nelson James D. Charlie Co
Neptune Stephen J. Alpha Co
Nettles Donald R. Bravo Co
Neuman Richard F. Alpha Co
New Alan C HHC
Newbrough Joseph R. Bravo Co
Newbrough * Gerald R. Alpha Co
Newby Joseph A. Bravo Co
Newby Terrell C. Charlie Co
Newcomb Dale Bravo Co
Newell Gerald D. Echo Co
Newell Robert E. Alpha Co
Newell Dale E HHC
Newman Richard B. Alpha Co
Newsome Delner HHC
Newton Jeff D. Charlie Echo
Nichols Philip J HHC
Nichols Gary Alpha Co
Nichols James A. Alpha Co
Niebauer Gerard R. Delta Co
Niece Thomas HHC
Nieman Richard W. Delta Co
Nigido Peter J. Delta Co
Niles Kenneth Bravo Co
Nilsson Wilson Bravo Co
Nipper Jim R. Charlie Co
Nisser Donn R. Bravo Co
Niver Gary D. Charlie Co
Nixon Larry HHC
Noble Dewey (Nick) H. III Alpha Co
Nokes Danny P. Alpha Co
Nolen Walton O. Charlie Co
Nolles James Delta Co
Nontell Chelsea H. Alpha Co
Norfleet James H. Bravo Co
Norman Oscar G. Alpha Co
Norman * Gary L. Charlie Co
Normand Anthony H. Charlie Co
Norris Walter Echo Co
Norris Raeford Jr. Alpha Co
Norris Donald HHC
Norris Roland E. Alpha Co
Norris Elmer Alpha Co
Norris * Ottis L. Jr. Alpha Co
Norton Earnest Jr. Bravo Co
Norton Thomas HHC
Norwood Lynwood Charlie Co
Norwood * Hugh Charlie Co
Nott Robert Bravo Co
Novicki Gary D. Alpha Co
Novosad William M. Delta Co
Novothny Joseph C. Alpha Co
Nowack Stanley Bravo Co
Nowak Bernard K. Delta Co
Nowell James HHC
Nunez Guadalupe Charlie Co
Nyberg Leonard Bravo Co
Oakley John Alpha Co
Oaks D. Delta Co
O'Brien Thomas HHC
O'Brien Michael F. Alpha Co
O'Cain Tommy D. Delta Co
Ocasio Jose A. Bravo - HHC
O'Connell Kevin Bravo Co
O'Connell Robert J. Alpha Co
O'Conner Robert J. Bravo Co
O'Dell Gerald Charlie Co
Ofcharik Edward F HHC
O'Gain T. Delta Co
Oglesby Leland J. Alpha Co
Ogren Mitchell E. Bravo Co
O'Hare Edward Charlie Co
Okawa Donald M HHC
Okawa Richard M. Echo Co
Olin Larry K. Charlie Co
Oliver J. S. Charlie Co
Oliver * Gary L. Charlie Co
Olsen Martin HHC
Olson Jerome HHC Batt Maint
Olson Manley H. Alpha Co
Olson Thomas Delta Co
Omundson Phillip Bravo Co
O'Neal James L. Delta Co
O'Neal Robert L. Bravo Co
O'Neill Terrence J HHC
Oplinger * David P. Alpha Co
Orczco Antonio Alpha Co
O'Rourke Patrick T. Bravo Co
Ortega David Bravo - Echo
Ortega Michael E. Delta Co
Ortiz Mario Alpha Co
Ortiz Claudio Bravo Co
Ortlieb Raymond Bravo Co
Oryseak Ronald Bravo Co
Osborn Richard HHC
Osborne * George D. Bravo Co
O'Shea John HHC
Ossen Howard Alpha Co
Otero Ricardo HHC
Otis Roland HHC - Bravo
Otradovec Robert A. Alpha Co
Otrega David Bravo Co
Overbay Weldon HHC
Owen Harry T. Bravo Co
Owens Richrad H. HHC
Owens Andrew Jr Alpha Co
Owens Robert HHC - Bravo
Owens James E. Bravo Co
Owens Richard H. Jr. Bravo-Echo-HHC
Pace Joseph L.. Bravo Co
Pacheco Manuel HHC
Packer James L. Alpha Co
Padgett H. Delta Co
Pagan * Edwin P. Bravo Co
Page Jerry J. Bravo Co
Page Albert C. Charlie Co
Palacios Arthur A. Charlie Co
Palatynusz Jozef Alpha Co
Palmer James E. (Ed) Bravo Co
Palmer Anthony B. Charlie Co
Pangelina Frederic L. G. Charlie Co
Paniccia * Ronald J. Alpha Co
Papp John J. Bravo Co
Paraboschi Richard Bravo Co
Parbs Stanford E. Bravo Co
Pardner George HHC
Parfitt George J. Bravo Co
Parker Theodore Delta Co
Parker James M HHC
Parker Harold L. Charlie Co
Parker Thomas D. Charlie Co
Parker Jerry Alpha Co
Parks David M. Bravo Co
Parks Kenneth E. HHC
Parks Maxie V. Bravo Co
Parnell James E. Charlie Co
Parra Federice Charlie Co
Parrett Danny D HHC
Parrish Harvey Alpha Co
Parrish Cecil (Wayne) Charlie Co
Parrot Boyd G. Delta Co
Parton Donald Charlie Co
Paschai Donald HHC
Pass George T. Charlie Co
Pate James A. Charlie Co
Paternostro Angelo Alpha Co
Patrick Andrew J. Alpha Co
Patrick Jimmy C. Alpha Co
Patterson James A. Delta Co
Patterson Stanley E Charlie - Echo
Patterson * Cleveland Bravo Co
Patty Terry Delta Co
Patza Roger J. Alpha Co
Paul Harry J. Jr. Bravo Co
Paul William J. Bravo Co
Paulmin William E. Jr. Delta Co
Pawelkop Arthur J. Bravo - HHC
Pawloski Frank Bravo Co
Alpha Co
Payne C. Delta Co
Payne Charles L. Delta Co
Payne Ronald D. Delta Co
Payne Arthur L HHC
Payson Francis E. (Frank) Alpha - HHC
Payton Daniel HHC
Peake * Joe L. HHC
Peavler Barry C. Alpha Co
Pedone Gary Bravo Co
Pedrick * Charles C. II Charlie Co
Pedziwiater Chester J. Charlie Co
Alpha Co
Pelphrey Gary Bravo Co
Peluso Thomas J. Charlie Co
Pemberton Dan Alpha Co
Pena Valentin O Jr. Bravo Co
Pennington Paul L. Charlie Co
Pepprock Danny L Bravo Co
Perez Joe Charlie Co
Perion Frank M. Charlie Co
Perkins Richard Alpha Co
Perkins Robert L. Charlie Co
Perman Robert M. Bravo Co
Perna John A. Bravo Co
Perno John L. Delta Co
Perrino Cosmo J. Charlie Co
Perron Cyrille L. Bravo Co
Perry Dean T. Bravo Co
Perry Alfredo R. Bravo Co
Perry Christopher Charlie Co
Perry James W. Bravo Co
Peters Harold Bravo Co
Peters Walter E. Delta Co
Petersen Gary L. Charlie Co
Echo Co
Peterson Richard R. Alpha Co
Petrillo Joe Alpha Co
Petrucci Ronald HHC
Pettibone John A. Bravo Co
Pettigrew Albert HHC
Pettis Louis Jr. Alpha Co
Pettis Charles Jr. Charlie Co
Phalen Francis Alpjha - HHC
Phelps Eugene Bravo Co
Phelps Darrell D HHC
Phillips Harry D III HHC
Phillips Willard M. Bravo Co
Phillips Robert J. Bravo Co
Phillips Timothy Bravo Co
Phillips Dennis R. Alpha Co
Phillips Edward A. Delta Co
Alpha Co
Phillips Johnny Bravo Co
Phillips * Lloyd F. Bravo Co
Phillips * Johnny W. Bravo Co
Phipps Gerald T. Charlie Co
Picariello Joseph R. HHC
Picelle * Frank J. Jr. Alpha Co
Pickett Bert Bravo Co
Pieper Rick Bravo Co
Pierce Alphonso Jr HHC
Pierce Walter H. Bravo Co
Pierce Gary Bravo Co
Pierce Robert J. Delta Co
Piercy Charles S. Bravo Co
Piercy Robert HHC
Pierre Dennis Alpha Co
Pierro James A. Bravo Co
Pifer David A. Alpha Co
Pilkington Jimmy Bravo Co
Pink William Delta Co
Pinkston John W. Alpha Co
Piper Dennis D. Charlie Co
Pippin William L HHC
Pippin Mike Bravo Co
Pitte Manuel Bravo Co
Pitts Willie F. Bravo Co
Pitts Floyd Bravo Co
Pitts Howard Charlie Co
Pituley John P HHC
Pizarro Aristides Bravo Co
Pizzo Sam J. Alpha Co
Pizzutillo Daniel M. Echo Co
Plain Fred C. Bravo Co
Plaisance Norris J. Alpha Co
Platt John J. Alpha Co
Plettenberg Jim Alpha Co
Plotner Kit C. Alpha Co
Plourde Remie A. Bravo Co
Plummer * Herbert Jr. Bravo Co
Poch James HHC
Poe Bobby Charlie Co
Poggmiller Larry E HHC
Pogue John Bravo Co
Poitrow * Emery N. Charlie Co
Polancih Daniel M. Charlie Co
Polanco Marcello Alpha Co
Polete Thomas R HHC
Pollard * James R. Jr. Charlie Co
Polstra Bruce E. Bravo Co
Poole John Bravo Co
Popowski Robert Bravo Co
Porcaro Benny A. Alpha Co
Porcher Henry Bravo Co
Poris Clifford, L. Charlie Co
Porter Dale P. Delta Co
Porter * William R. Alpha Co
Posey Ronnie D. Charlie Co
Potter Donald G. Bravo Co
Alpha Co
Potts Jimmy D. Charlie Co
Potts Eddie S. Charlie Co
Pounders Richard Charlie Co
Powell Thomas O. Alpha Co
Power John Victor
Power James R. Charlie Co
Alpha Co
Powers Marsh (Morris) E, Echo Co
Powers * Ronald E. Delta Co
Powloski Franklin Bravo Co
Prado Javier Alpha Co
Prance Norman R. HHC
Prance Norm Charlie Co
Precour * Richard F. Bravo Co
Prescott * Steven J. Alpha Co
Presley William F. Alpha Co
Pressley Larry Alpha Co
Prestlow Garland E. Charlie Co
Preston Clarence Charlie Co
Pretlow Garland E. Charlie Co
Prettyman Thomas A. Bravo Co
Pretzer Garrett J. Alpha Co
Price Robert J. Delta Co
Price Danford L. Sr. Alpha Co
Price Ulis III Delta Co
Price Douglas T. Bravo Co
Priest David A. Bravo Co
Priestly Thomas Bravo Co
Primas Arthur M Delta Co
Priolo Charles J. Jr. Delta Co
Pritt Dennis J HHC
Pritts Richard Alpha Co
Proffitt Arlen H. Charlie Co
Proper John P. Bravo Co
Proske Fred HHC
Provost Robert J. Bravo Co
Pruitt Larry J. Bravo Co
Pryor Richard L. Charlie Co
Przybilla Galen J. Alpha Co
Przybylski Alvin Bravo Co
Bravo Co
Puga Angel Delta Co
Puglisi Gaetano Bravo Co
Pulido Robert J. Charlie Co
Charlie Co
Purcell * Larry Joe HHC
Pursel Floyd W. Charlie Co
Purvis Carroll T. Alphae Co
Puryear Billy Bravo Co
Quade William J. Delta Co
Quegg Bruce W. Bravo Co
Quenga * Johnny C. Bravo Co
Quick Steven A. Bravo Co
Quin * Cullen W. HHC
Quinones Manny HHC
Quintin Russell J. HHC
Quinton Charles HHC
Quiroz Alex N. Charlie Co
R??D ?ilite Charlie Co
Raczkowski Wayne A. Charlie Co- Recon
Radley Timothy C. Bravo Co
Raes John E. Charlie Co
Raetz * Robert W. Bravo Co
Rafanello Joseph A. Bravo Co
Raftery William J. Bravo Co
Raggs Cedell Alpha Co
Alpha Co
Raimo Frank Bravo Co
Rainey Rabon (Slim) Bravo Co
Rainey Bufford K. Alpha Co
Ramesur Morris G HHC
Ramos Samuel H HHC
Charlie Co
Ramos * Roland R. HHC Recon
Ramos-Torres Antonio Charlie Co
Ramseur Morris HHC
Ramsey Stephen R. Charlie Co
Randall Timothy Bravo - HHC
Rank Frank Jr. Alpha Co
Rankin Kennith L. Charlie Co
Rankl Albert R. Bravo Co
Rapoza Edward Bravo Co
Rasa David R. Charlie Co
Rasnick * Sidney M. Alpha Co
Rastetter Kenneth C. Delta Co
Ratay Stanley Charlie Co
Ratzlaff Donald Bravo Co
Ravan Grover W. Bravo Co
Rawlings Jack Delta Co
Rawson Clifford A HHC
Rea * Emory L. Bravo Co
Read * Robert B. Bravo Co
Reavis Lloyd J. Bravo Co
Rebman James Bravo Co
Reck * John Bravo Co
Redding * Walter L Charlie Co
Redlawski Joe Alpha Co
Redwine Keith M. Bravo Co
Reed Cardell Alpha Co
Echo Co
Reed Ron Alpha Co
Reed Gary L. Charlie Co
Reed Nathaniel Charlie Co
Reed * Willie Charlie Co
Reelitz Daniel N. Charlie Co
Reeves Ronald Alpha Co
Reeves Alton Bravo Co
Reeves Gary Alpha Co
Reichert John W HHC
Reil Danny Alpha Co
Reilly Paul F. Charlie Co
Reimold David L. Alpha Co
Reiser Edward J. Alpha Co
Reisinger Lawrence Charlie Co
Reiss Ken Alpha Co
Reiss Kenneth E. Bravo Co
Reistroffer * Daniel P. HHC Delta
Reitz * William E. Alpha Co.
Renda John C. Alpha Co
Rensing Ted Echo Co
Rerick Bruce Charlie Co
Resch Dale Bravo Co
Retsema Kenneth E. Delta Co
Reust Ronald L. Charlie Co
Alpha Co
Rex Reymond A. Bravo Co
Reyes Eddie Charlie Co
Reyes Joseph HHC
Reynolds Frank C. Bravo Co
Reynolds Robert Bravo Co
Reynolds Herbert Charlie Co
Reynolds Barry Charlie Co
Reynolds Monty Charlie Co
Rhamy * Raymond D. Bravo Co
Rhoads Randall A. Bravo Co
Rhoads Jonathan C. Bravo Co
Rhodes Benjamin B. Alpha Co
Rhoten Freddie HHC
Riccio Thomas M. Jr. Delta Co
Rice J. Delta Co
Rice Duane D. Charlie Co
Rice Dale S. Alpha Co
Riceau John F. Bravo Co
Rich Norman E. Delta Co
Delta Co
Richards John H. Charlie Co
Richards William Charlie Co
Richards Denny Alpha Co
Richardson George HHC
Richardson Philip Alpha Co
Richardson Ralph Alpha Co
Richardson Alonzo Bravo Co
Richardson Woodrow W HHC
Richardson Eugene Charlie Co
Richardson Willie Charlie Co
Richmond Gary W. Delta Co
Ricketts Joel M. Bravo Co
Rico Alfredo Bravo Co
Ridgeway W. Delta Co
Rieber Larry J. Delta Co
Riegner Francis M. Delta Co
Rife Donald R. HHC
Riffe Richard L. Alpha Co
Riggins * James P. Charlie Co
Rightmire James E. Charlie Co
Riley Larry Alpha Co
Ringer Norris Alpha Co
Rinker Donald L HHC
Rinn Edward P (Ted) Alpha Co
Rios Nestor Charlie Co
Rios-Lopez Eligio HHC
Ritacco Patrick J. Alpha Co
Ritter P. Delta Co
Rivellini Louis HHC - Charlie
Rivera D. S. Alpha Co
Rivera Raul Jr. HHC
Rivera-Cintron Jose Delta Co
Rivere * Alvin P. Alpha Co
Rivers Jeffrey J. Charlie Co
Rivers Gregg S. Alpha Co
Rizzo Raymond Alpha Co
Roberson Clyde Jr. Charlie Co
Robert Stanislaus Alpha Co
Roberts Charles E HHC
Roberts James E. Charlie Co
Roberts Tracy HHC
Roberts William L HHC
Roberts Charlie Bravo Co
Roberts Tracy W. Alpha Co - HHC
Roberts William T. Charlie Co
Roberts John W. Delta Co
Robertson Willard (Chief) Echo Co
Robertson Andrew Bravo Co
Robertson James HHC Recon
Robinetti James E. Charlie Co
Robinson Clyde Charlie Co
Robinson Richard E. Charlie Co
Robinson Fred Jr. Charlie Co
Robinson Johnny HHC
Robinson Clegg G. Delta Co
Robinson Eugene Alpha Co
Robinson Tasco Echo Co
Robinson Freddie Delta Co
Robinson Arhurt G. Delta Co
Robinson Melvin L. Alpha Co
Rodreguez Jesus J. Delta Co
Rodrigeuz Rene Echo Co
Rodriguez Johnny Alpha Co
Rodriguez Ruben P. Bravo Co
Echo Co
Rodriguez Felix H. Bravo Co
Rodriquez James HHC
Roedts Richard J. Delta Co
Rogers Gary R. HHC
Rogers Sammy D. Charlie Co
Rogers Robert D. Charlie Co
Rogers Benny J HHC
Rogers John J HHC
Rogers Gene Bravo Co
Rogers John A HHC
Rognes Dennis C. Charlie Co
Rohan Jim Alpha Co
Rohde William R. Alpha Co
Rohe John T. Bravo Co
Rohe David Charlie Co
Rohr David M HHC
Roiz Robert Jr. Charlie Co
Rollins Everett L Charlie Co
Roman Luis HHC
Romanick Richard B. Delta Co
Romano John M. Charlie Co
Rome Alfred C. Bravo Co
Romero Benito C. Bravo Co
Ronaghan Walter L. Delta Co
Roosa David A Sr HHC
Root James D. Delta Co
Rosa Ricky L. Charlie Co
Rose Calvin A. Bravo Co
Rose Jacob A. Charlie Co
Ross Willie H. Bravo Co
Ross Marvin Alpha Co
Ross Michael M. Alpha Co
Rotay Stanley D. Jr. Charlie Co
Rouge Richard Charlie Co
Rouillard Robert L. Bravo Co
Rousa David HHC - Tan An
Rouse Richard W. Charlie Co
Rousseau Robert P. Alpha Co
Row Danny A HHC
Rowley William E. Jr. Delta Co
Roy * Daniel T. Charlie Co
Royal Malcom V. Bravo Co
Rozboril Richard L HHC
Rozier Michael D. Bravo Cio
Rubin Donald S. Charlie Co
Rucks Floyd M. HHC
Rudat Jerome E Bravo - HHC
Rufenacht Kenneth L Charlie Co
Ruhl Robert A. Alpha Co
Ruiz Robert Bravo Co
Ruiz-Asencio Perfecto Bravo Co
Rumsey Arthur Bravo Co
Rumsey * Jay D. Charlie Co
Rus Robert Bravo Co
Rushin Thomas R. Charlie Co
Rusk Kenneth M. Charlie Co
Ruspin Thomas R. Charlie Co
Russell Melbourne Charlie Co
Russell Charles A. Charlie Co
Russell Roy R. Delta Co
Russell Douglas Bravo Co
Russell Thomas A. Bravo Co
Russell Thomas A. Charlie Co
Russell Loren A. HHC
Rutan James E. Echo Co
Rutherford Michael R. Bravo Co
Rutland Johnnie Alpha Co
Rutledge Leslie E HHC
Rzemek Robert Charlie Co
Sa?in Fred A. Charlie Co
Sackett William P. Bravo Co
Sager William Jr. Delta Co
Sainz David Jr. Alpha Co
Sakal Thomas J. Bravo Co
Salas Juan C. Bravo Co
Saldana David Echo Co
Saldivar Erveiz G. Alpha Co
Saldivar Ernest Delta Co
Salinas Jose L. Bravo Co
Salkin Ronald M HHC
Salma Mark E HHC
Saltmarsh James J. Charlie Co
Salucci Anthony R. Bravo Co
Salzand Carl P. Charlie Co
Sam?le Rayford O. Charlie Co
Sampson Charles J. Charlie Co
Sampson Donald Charlie Co
Samuel William E Bravo Co
Sanchez Gilbert A. Charlie Co
Sanchez Frank B. Charlie Co
Sanchez Joaquin Charlie Co
Sanders Elwood Charlie Co
Sanders Dwight W. Alpha Co
Sanders Thomas L. Bravo Co
Sanders Charles Charlie Co
Sandoval Joseph Charlie Co
Sanjuro Melendez Charlie Co
Sano Steven Bravo Co
Santana - Del Pilar
Charlie Co
Santillon Luis Charlie Co
Santos Bernardo Bravo Co
Santos Hector E. Charlie Co
Sarao Ronald HHC
Sarley Gregory M. Charlie Co
Sarratt Roosevelt Bravo Co
Sassak Gary Bravo Co
Sassano Joseph L. Charlie Co
Satterfield Ralph C. Charlie Co
Saucer Byron E. Delta Co
Saulsgiver Richard P. Charlie - Bravoo
Saunders Terence P. Bravo Co
Saxton Loren Alpha Co
Saxton Edwin T. Alpha Co
Saxton Loren T. Bravo-Alpha-HHC
Saxton Loren T HHC
Saylor John H. Bravo Co
Scaffe Thomas E. Alpha Co
Scala * Richard M. HHC Recon
Scarboro James Bravo Co
Scarborough Dan Alpha Co
Scarborough * Edmond B. HHC - Charlie
Schade Paul Alpha Co
Schaenmehr Alvin E. Alpha Co
Bravo Co
Schemmel Hugh A. Bravo Co
Schepers Kenneth J. Charlie Co
Schermerhorm Terry HHC
Schiappa Dario (Rick) Charlie Co
Schieffer James Alpha Co
Schindler Robert Alpha Co
Schlee George Michael Alpha Co
Schlenger Richard J. Charlie Co
Schmidt Roland E. Bravo Co
Schmieder Garry A. Alpha Co
Schmitt Pat Charlie - HHC
Schneider Joseph M. Bravo Co
Schoolcraft Hollis D. Delta Co
Schubel Robert G. Charlie Co
Schubert * Willis J. Alpha Co
Schuck Peter M. Bravo Co
Schueren * Daniel R. Bravo Co
Schuldt Michael L. Delta Co
Schultz John Alpha Co
Schultz Bill Bravo Co
Schutte Robert E. Echo - HHC
Schwander Rhett J. Charlie Co
Schwartz Richard J. Alpha Co
Schweighofer * Reed J. Alpha Co
Schwent Walter L. Alpha Co
Scile? Gu? E. Charlie Co
Sckidokel (?) Hugh A. Bravo Co
Scofield Michael Charlie Co
Scott Quiontus Charlie Co
Scott David F. Charlie Co
Scott James A. Bravo Co
Scott Joseph Charlie Co
Scott Terry Alpha Co
Scott Charles Alpha Co
Scott Dale E. Alpha Co
Scott * Gregory E. Bravo Co
Scott * Hugh D. HHC
Scurlock Gary V. Bravo Co
Scwell Chuck HHC
Seaggs David Bravo Co
Seal Dan HHC
Sealy Harvey HHC
Echo Co
Sechrist W. Delta Co
Secor John Charlie Co
Delta Co
Sefranka Paul M. Delta Co
Segner Gary J. Charlie Co
Sellman Michael M. Alpha Co
Semenchuk Stanley Bravo Co
Alpha Co
Serfass Milton E. Charlie Co
Delta Co
Seroka Stanley Echo Co
Charlie Co
Sery Greg Alpha Co
Setterington William J. Delta Co
Sewell Charles R. Charlie Co
Sewell Charles Bravo Co
Sexton Ronald G. Charlie Co
Shackelford George Echo - HHC
Shaffer Jack A. Delta Co
Shalberg John Charlie Co
Shank Darryl V. Charlie Co
Shank Harold E HHC
Echo Co
Shapiro Harvey HHC
Sharp Duane D. Delta Co
Sharpe Merle (Jim) Bravo - Alpha
Shattuck William J. Bravo Co
Shaw Glenn E. Charlie Co
Shaw * William F. J. Delta Co
Sheahan * Michael D. Bravo Co
Shearsmith Frederick L HHC
Sheffield James A. Delta Co
Shelby James C. Charlie Co
Alpha Co
Shepard Franklin N HHC
Shepherg Raymond L. Charlie Co
Sheppard Paul E HHC
Sherburne Robert F. Echo Co
Sherfey Ronald W. Alpha Co
Shibota Harry K. Bravo Co
Shields Clifford E. Alpha Co
Shields Clifford E. Alpha Co
Shiparski Wayne E. Charlie Co
Shipley Carl R. Bravo Co
Shipman Mark Echo Co
Shipp Nathaniel E. Delta Co
Shirota Gary K. Bravo Co
Shock Richard D. Charlie Co
Shope Carroll D HHC
Shorter Joe Charlie Co
Shotkoski Fredrick Alpha Co
Shoulders Lee R. Alpha Co
Showman Harold HHC
Shrewbury Paul T. HHC
Shull Wayne E. Alpha Co
Shultz Richard A. Delta Co
Shumaker Lee J. Alpha Co
Alpha Co
Shupponhauer David T. Charlie Co
Shutte Robert E. Echo Co
Sibayan * Franklin D. Delta Co
Sickles William HHC
Sides Tommy G. Charlie Co
Siegrfied Richard S. Bravo Co
Sienicki Peter O. Bravo Co
Sifuentes Ismeal Bravo Co
Sikorski * Leo P HHC
Silinskas Ronald Bravo Co
Silverthome Bill Alpha Co
Echo Co
Simmen James M Alpha Co
Simmen James Charlie Co
Simmons F. Delta Co
Simmons James HHC
Simmons Frank Jr Delta Co
Simmons Jeffrey J. Charlie Co
Simmons Carvin L. Alpha Co
Simms Charles Bravo Co
Simpson Kenneth HHC
Simpson Fred A. HHC - Tan An
Siner Bobby Charlie Co
Singleton Roy Charlie Co
Singleton * Edward Jr. Bravo Co
Sinibaldi Kenneth Charlie Co
Sintikko Leslie A. Bravo Co
Sintoni * Joseph E. Charlie Co
Charlie Co
Sisk Kenneth HHC
Sissom William J. Charlie Co
Sisson Steve Alpha Co
Sizemore Ronnie L. Alpha Co
Skaggs David Bravo Co
Skaggs Bobby L. HHC
Skelton * Paul D. II Charlie Co
Skiffington John J. Bravo Co
Skinner Ray Echo Co
Skinner Robert J (Jim) HHC - Alpha
Skinner Harry F. Delta Co
Skinner Edwin Bravo Co
Skoglund Patrick Bravo Co
Slama Mark HHC
Slater David F HHC - Echo
Sliver James H HHC
Sloan William G. Alpha Co
Sluga Charley A. Bravo Co
Smalley Wayne Bravo Co
Smalls * Bernard A. HHC
Smeester * Daniel R. Alpha Co
Smielewski Terry B. Charlie Co
Smiley John HHC
Smilley S. Delta Co
Smith Stephen Bravo Co
Smith James E Alpha Co
Smith Isiah Alpha Co
Smith Paul C. Alpha Co
Smith Everett C. Bravo Co
Smith James Alpha Co
Smith Johnny U. Bravo Co
Smith James L. Alpha Co
Smith Jerry Bravo Co
Smith Gary M. Alpha Co
Smith Robert Alpha Co
Smith Joe A.. Bravo Co
Smith John H. Bravo Co
Smith Robert L. Bravo Co
Smith Stephen P. Bravo Co
Smith Billy Charlie Co
Smith Rodger HHC
Smith Larry W. Charlie Co
Smith Bennie J HHC
Smith Lambson HHC
Smith James C. Charlie Co
Smith Delbert L. HHC
Smith Lynwood E. Charlie Co
Smith Howard (Art) HHC
Smith John (Snoopy) Charlie Co
Smith Robert T HHC
Smith Odell Bravo - Delta
Smith Jimmy Alpha Co
Smith Julius C. Jr. Echo Co
Smith Paul G. Echo Co
Smith James Echo Co
Smith Jimmy L. HHC - Charlie
Smith Jimmy W. Delta Co
Smith Carry D. Delta Co
Smith Daniel P. Charlie - HHC
Smith Melvin Charlie Co
Smith James A HHC
Smith Willie L. Charlie Co
Smith Raymond F. Charlie Co
Smith * John R. Jr. Alpha Co
Smith * Tommy L. HHC Recon
Smithers Wayne P. Bravo Co
Smockley Ronald J. Bravo Co
Charlie Co
Snapp Van K. Bravo Co
Snell Daniel Delta Co
Sniderski Stan Charlie Co
Snodgrass Brian Bravo Co
Snodgrass Wilder M (Mac) Delta Co
Snow Ronald J. Bravo Co
Charlie Co
Snyder Ray HHC
Sola Enrique P. Charlie Co
Soleim John D. Bravo Co
Soleta Ronald R. Delta Co
Sollers Guy E. Charlie Co
Sorensen Richard HHC
Soria Ronnie J. Delta Co
Soriano Jesse Bravo Co
Bravo Co
Sotne Earl W HHC
Southard Harold E. Charlie Co
Souther Ralph W. Charlie Co
Spalla Augie Delta Co
Charlie Co
Sparaco Anthony Charlie Co
Sparby Arlyn K. Alpha Co
Spears Frank Bravo Co
Spears William P. Alpha Co
Specher Danny L HHC
Spencer Dan HHC
Spicer Robert Bravo Co
Spiller Mike H. Alpha Co
Spillman Johnnie Bravo Co
Spina Louis C. Bravo Co
Spivey Forrest G. Charlie Co
Spivey Herbert E. Bravo Co
Spivey Carroll P. Bravo Co
Sprenkel Jeffrey L Charlie Co
Springer Johnnie L. Charlie Co
Sprouse Ronald E. Bravo Co
Spurling Thomas R. Bravo Co
Spurlock Bobby J. Delta Co
Stabile Thomas A. Delta Co
Stafford Joseph Bravo Co
Stahls Michael H. Delta Co
Stalfort William Bravo Co
Stalfort William K Alpha - HHC
Charlie Co
Standard Jim Charlie Co
Stanley Mackey J. Bravo Co
Stanley Jerry W. Bravo Co
Stanley Joseph W. Bravo Co HHC
Charlie Co
Stanley Robert Bravo Co
Stanton Ken Alpha Co
Starbuck Frederic Alpha Co
Starnes George T. Bravo Co
Starns George L HHC
Staubus Donald R. Charlie Co
Steel? Paul J. Charlie Co
Steele Wiliam HHC
Steele William A. Charlie Co
Steen Theron H. Charlie Co
Steenbergen Harold Bravo Co
Steffens * Walter F. HHC
Steffey John A. Alpha Co
Steihr Thomas J. Delta Co
Steiler Raymond J HHC
Stein * Armond J. Jr. Charlie Co
Stelmashuck William Bravo Co
Charlie Co
Stensurd David W. HHC - Echo
Stephens Jack Delta Co
Stephens R. Delta Co
Stephens Ronald Bravo Co
Stephey William Alpha Co
Stepp Jerry W HHC
Sterling * Robert J. Bravo Co
Sterner John W. Bravo Co
Stevens J. Delta Co
Stewart Jessie Charlie Co
Stewart Harry E. Jr. Charlie Co
Stewart William R. HHC
Stewart Henry L. Delta Co
Stewart Tom A. Alpha Co
Stewart Robert G. Bravo Co
Stewart Danny Alpha Co
Stewart Charles E. Jr. Alpha Co
Stewart William J. Bravo Co
Stewart Charles F. Bravo Co
Stezenko Daniel HHC
Stillman Johnny T. Delta Co
Echo Co
Stittsworth John H. Charlie Co
Stivher David L. Delta Co
Stone Clovis R. Delta Co
Stone Earl W HHC
Stone * Harmon S. Jr. Charlie Co
Stoots Bill Alpha Co
Storey Curtis M. Bravo Co
Storie Benny Charlie Co
Storti Michael A. Bravo Co

Charlie Co
Stottlemier Teddy Charlie Co
Stout Robert Delta Co
Stoval * Charles A. Charlie Co
Stovall Robert E HHC
Stradley Robert W. Charlie Co
Strait Ellis E. Bravo Co
Street Curtis K. Bravo Co
Streeter Michael D. Alpha Co
Streeter Paul E. Bravo Co
Strele William A. Charlie Co
Stribling William Alpha Co
Stribling * Victor B. Alpha Co
Strick Claude Bravo Co
Strickland John W. Bravo Co
Stricklin Danny HHC
Striler Raymond J. HHC
Stripling William I. Delta Co
Strobel Terry L. Echo Co
Strobel David Echo Co
Strong Lloyd E. HHC
Stroomer * Ronald L. Charlie Co
Struab George HHC
Stubblefield Melvin Bravo Co
Stuck Gerald S. Alpha Co
Studeny Henry R. Jr. Bravo Co
Stull Terry G. Charlie Co
Stump Richard Charlie Co
Suarez Pedro T. Bravo Co
Suarez Raymond M. Alpha Co
Sufka Kenneth Alpha Co
Suggs Steven A Charlie Co
Sullins Tom Charlie Co
Sullins Thomas K. Bravo Co
Sullivan William E. Charlie Co
Sullivan Sean Bravo Co
Sullivan David S. Charlie Co
Sullivan Kevin J. Alpha Co
Sullivan Dennis F. Bravo Co
Sullivan Carl Jr. Alpha Co
Summers Daniel Alpha Co
Summerville Eric A. Delta Co
Sundberg Kenneth N HHC
Sundt Keith W. Delta Co
Susshine Rocky F. Charlie Co
Delta Co
Sutton Thomas Bravo Co
Sutton John O. Charlie Co
Swane * Brian E. Delta Co
Swann William F. Bravo Co
Swans Joe E. Bravo Co
Swatzell James Bravo Co
Sweemen (?) Robert J. Bravo Co
Sweeney Robert J. Bravo Co
Sweet John Bravo Co
Sweet Larry Delta Co
Swick Kenneth Charlie Co
Swiderski Stanley Charlie Co
Swift Larry Bravo Co
Swilley S. Delta Co
Swords Bobbie Bravo Co
Syeovic Don L. Delta Co
Syfert James H. Bravo Co
Sylvers Harold HHC
Szpila Ronald S. Charlie Co
T?rres Robert Charlie Co
Tafoy Anders Bravo Co
Tafoya Andres J. Bravo Co
Talk Edmond C. Delta Co
Tanasz Dan (Mouse) Alpha Co
Tanguma Gilberto G. Bravo Co
Tannebaum Larry Charlie Co
Tanner Ronald B HHC
Tash Bobby L. Bravo Co
Tate G.S. Delta Co
Alpha Co
Tavarez Gilbert Alpha Co
Taylor Michael L. Delta Co
Taylor Charles A. Bravo - Delta
Taylor Carl Alpha Co
Charlie Co
Taylor Arthur E. Delta Co
Taylor Roger Echo Co
Taylor Donald W HHC
Taylor Robert R. Bravo Co
Taylor Charles E. Charlie Co
Taylor James Bravo Co
Taylor Elbert L. Bravo Co
Taylor James R. Bravo Co
Taylor Forrest Jerry Echo Co
Taylor * Glenn D. Bravo Co
Tchorz Louis W. Alpha Co
Te Slaa Norman G Charlie Co
Teague Donald HHC
Teague Joseph Alpha Co
Teal Ernest E. D. HHC
Teeters David Alpha Co
Tello-Torres Hector HHC
Templeton Robert B. Bravo Co
Bravo Co
Tepper Thomas Charlie Co
Terensky Dennis J. Delta Co
Terrell William R. Alpha Co
Teske Julius Bravo Co
Thackeray William D. Charlie Co
Thalheimer Frank Charlie Co
Tharp Barney E. Alpha Co
Thayer Melvyn W Alpha Co
Thibdeauz Dennis P. Delta Co
Thiemann Rodney E HHC
Thigpen Ola R. Charlie Co
Thimsen William V. Bravo Co
Thomas Robert W. Alpha Co
Thomas Samuel J. Alpha Co
Thomas John R. Charlie Co
Thomas Charles Charlie Co
Thomas Michael Jr. Bravo Co
Thomas Robert J. Delta Co
Thomas Harvel Bravo Co
Thomas Richard Bravo Co
Thomas Robert Bravo Co
Thomas Edward Bravo Co
Thomas Leroy L. HHC
Thomas Terry Alpha Co
Thomas Tommy L. Charlie Co
Thomas Robert L HHC
Alpha Co
Thompkins T. Delta Co
Thompkins Carl Charlie Co
Thompson Ronald E. Charlie Co
Thompson Donald L. Delta Co
Thompson Richard Echo Co
Thompson Richard L. Alpha Co
Thompson Richard HHC
Thompson Charles (Oscar) Charlie Co
Thompson Roger Alpha Co
Thompson Arthur F. Alpha Co
Thompson * Walter L Charlie Co
Thompson * Neil S. Charlie Co
Thone Clifford D. Alpha Co
Thone Walter J. Alpha Co
Thornton James HHC
Thornton Arnold Charlie Co
Tibbetts Robert N. Bravo Co
Tibbetts * David R. Bravo Co
Tice Irving F. Alpha Co
Bravo Co
Tiffany * David L. Echo Co - HHC
Tillinghast Ronald HHC
Timmons George L. Charlie Co
Tinti Charles A. Alpha Co
Tintle Denis Charlie Co
Tippett Kenneth W.. Delta Co
Tirreno Lawrence B. Charlie Co
Titcomb Jeff Alpha Co
Tiura Gregory P. Bravo Co
Tmast Charles Bravo Co
Todd Robert E HHC
Toledo Victor R. Delta Co
Toles Earl Echo Co
Tomberlin David F. HHC - Echo
Tomlinson Thurman E. Jr. Bravo Co
Tomlinson Thomas B. Bravo Co
Tomlinson Jerrold J. Charlie Co
Tompkins James R. Alpha Co
Tooney Neil P. Charlie Co
Tople Terry A. Delta Co
Torkelson Edwin L. Bravo Co
Toro * Jose M. Bravo Co
Torok Thomas N. Charlie Co
Torres Joseph A. Alpha Co
Torres Daniel R. Bravo Co
Torres * Robert Charlie Co
Totino J. Delta Co
Toumey Deil R. Charlie Co
Tousey * Gearwin P. Charlie Co
Towley Carl HHC
Townsend Ronnie L. Delta Co
Toya Clarence R. Echo Co
Toyama Benjamin HHC - Charlie
Tracy William G. Charlie Co
Tracy Bill HHC
Trahan Earl Alpha Co
Trahan Earl J. Alpha Co
Trammell Daniel F. Bravo Co
Trani Anthony J. Alpha Co
Trani William Jr. Alpha Co
Trant Charles Bravo Co
Travis William Jr. Alpha Co
Trefethen Terry L. Bravo Co
Treguboff Michael J. Charlie Co
Trevino Reynaldo V. Bravo Co
Trickey Allan R. Alpha Co
Trimbur Robert C. Delta Co
Triplett Carl Alpha Co
Tripp * Donald D. Alpha Co
Alpha Co
Trujillo Phillip J. Delta Co
Trujillo John E. Delta Co
Trump Aaron T. Alpha Co
Truscott Lucien K III HHC
Trussell Neill Charlie Co
Trussell * Royce W. Jr. Bravo Co
Tucker James M. Bravo Co
Turbiak Edward A. Bravo Co
Turner Jerry K. Charlie Co
Turner Franklin L. Charlie Co
Turner Thomas L. Charlie Co
Turner Charles M. Bravo Co
Alpha Co
Tussey Phillip R Charlie Co
Tuthill Donald W. Alpha Co
Tuthill Robert G. Charlie Co
Tyler James
Alpha Co
Tynanski Joseph Charlie Co
Tyo James Alpha Co
Tyo James B. Jr. Delta Co
Tyra Dennis K. Bravo Co
Bravo Co
Ugarte Gery Bravo Co
Uhl James M. Alpha Co
Uhler Chuck Charlie Co
Ulacco Charles G. Alpha Co
Underwood David Bravo Co
Underwood Renee Alpha Co
Unruh Ronald J HHC
Urban Charles P. Alpha Co
Urban Edward R HHC
Alpha Co
Vaden Robert M. Charlie Co
Alpha Co
Valdez Silvano Delta Co
Valenta John HHC
Valetti Daniel A. Charlie Co
Valls Jose HHC
Van Blaircom Gary T. Delta Co
Van De Weile Harold HHC
Van Dyke Dale A. Delta Co
Van Eenennaam John Bravo Co
Van Houten * Thomas E. Charlie Co
Van Meter Perry B. Alpha Co
Van Tiet Chan HHC
Vance Samuel C Alpha Co
Vanchelette John R. Delta Co
Vankirk Alva G. HHC
Vaquera Michael P. Charlie Co
Varela Arturo Jr. Alpha Co
Vargas Angel L. Charlie Co
Vargo George E. Charlie Co
Varner Daniel Alpha Co
Varney Willie R. Bravo Co
Vasco Stephen J. Bravo Co
Vaughn Alonzo Charlie Co
Vaught Dewey HHC
Vazquez-Ortiz Higinio Bravo Co
Velez Harry (Skipper) HHC
Vella Michael J HHC
Verdeja Rudolpho R. Bravo Co
Vertrees Gary P. Charlie Co
Vetterkind Lavern Alpha Co
Vicinatz Aldaibepto Charlie Co
Vick John Bravo Co
Vickers * Roger L. Charlie Co
Vidrine John D. Charlie Co
Villarreal Hector HHC
Villee Stuart D HHC
Villegas Larry Bravo Co
Villelia Larry E. Alpha Co
Vincent Ron HHC - Bravo
Vincent Robert B. Bravo Co
Visor John Alpha Co
Vliet Frank Alpha Co
Vogler * Gale K. Alpha Co
Vohwinkle Robert L. Delta Co
Voline Mark R. Charlie Co
Volk William L. Charlie Co
Voll Frank J. Jr. HHC
Volpone Dante Charlie Co
Von Behren Thomas Bravo Co
Von Feldt Stan Alpha Co
Voss Cary J. Alpha Co
Vostatek Pomeroy F. Bravo Co
Voyt * Edward Alpha Co
Delta Co
Wade Alec Bravo - Charlie
Wade Lavell L. Bravo Co
Wade Michael Charlie Co
Wadleigh Kenneth J. Bravo Co
Wadleigh Kenneth Charlie Co
Wagner James E. Alpha Co
Wagner Jim Sr. Echo Co
Wagner Aaron Jr. Bravo Co
Wagner Harry C. Charlie Co
Wagner Jr. Donald Alpha Co
Wainright Wayne L. Alpha Co
Charlie Co
Waite James H. Delta Co
Walden John N. Charlie Co
Walden Jackie Bravo Co
Waldo James R. Charlie Co
Waldron John M. Charlie Co
Walker Timothy W. Charlie Co
Walker Donald R. Bravo Co
Walker Arther I. III Charlie Co
Walker Maurice W. Delta Co
Walker Theodore Charlie Co
Walker Robert L. Alpha Co
Walker John G HHC
Walker * Ross J. Charlie Co
Wall John C. Bravo Co
Wallace Michael G Charlie Co
Wallace William H. Alpha Co
Wallace Mark S. Echo Co
Echo Co
Wallace Arnold HHC
Waller Nathaniel HHC
Wallis Ray HHC Recon
Walsh Robert J. Delta Co
Walston James W. Bravo Co
Walters Leslie HHC
Walton Curtis Bravo Co
Ward Jerry W Alpha - HHC
Ward Louis E. Charlie Co
Ward Keith D. Bravo Co
Ward Paul G. Bravo Co
Ward Freddie B. Bravo Co
Warloe Alan Echo Co
Warner Russell F. Bravo Co
Warren Gary J. Alpha Co
Warren Cecil HHC
Warren Harry J. Alpha Co
Warren Joseph E. Charlie Co
Warren Willie J HHC
Warren Danny J. Delta Co
Washam Billy R. Bravo Co
Washington Thomas Bravo Co
Washington Chester Alpha Co
Waters Junior L. Charlie Co
Waters Thomas V. Jr HHC
Watkins Ians Jr. Delta Co
Watkins Ernie Charlie Co
Watkins Steven T. Charlie Co
Watkins Ernest R. Jr. Bravo Co
Watkins John E HHC
Watkins Richard E HHC
Watkins Thomas G HHC
Watts Stanley M. Charlie Co
Watts Lewis D. Jr. Charlie Co
Weaber Lloyd E Charlie Co
Wealker Arthur I. Charlie Co
Weaver Robert L. Bravo Co
Weaver * Terry L.. Bravo Co
Webb Delbert Charlie Co
Webb Cecil E. Charlie Co
Webb * Leroy B. Bravo Co
Weber Robert S. Alpha Co
Weber Richard L. Alpha Co - HHC
Weber Hugo P HHC
Weber William HHC
Weborg * John C. Alpha Co
Webster Ronald HHC
Charlie Co
Weems Joe N. Charlie Co
Wegewood Jack HHC
Weidmayer James HHC
Charlie Co
Weiher Kenneth W. Alpha Co
Weil Charles M. Bravo Co
Weinpel Clifford O. Bravo Co
Weir Jim Alpha Co
Weis * Kenneth D. Alpha Co
Weiser Bernard Charlie Co
Weiyczke William Alpha Co
Welch Darrell P. Charlie Co
Welch Carl L. Alpha Co
Welch Darrell Charlie Co
Welch * Randall E. Alpha Co
Weller Irwin (Red) Bravo - Charlie
Weller Lawrence Bravo Co
Weller Robert A HHC
Weller William D. Charlie Co
Wells Ron Charlie Co
Wells Phillip S. Bravo Co
Wells Henry Charlie Co
Wells Bobby G. Charlie Co
Welsh Robert T. Delta Co
Welyczko William G. Alpha Co
Wencler Donald Charlie Co
Wendler Donald W. Charlie Co
Wendrzycki David B. Charlie Co
Wenger Ronald L. Charlie Co
Wertz Jacob HHC
Wesley Donald W. Charlie Co
Wesson Eugene Alpha Co
West Richard J. Jr. Charlie Co
West Tommy Alpha Co
West Haywood L. Echo Co
Bravo Co
Westergarrd Robert J. Delta Co
Westphal Donald HHC
Westphal * Glenn A. HHC
Weyant Dennis Alpha Co
Weyman Elmer W. Delta Co
Wheatley Lawrence Charlie Co
Wheeler John C. Charlie Co
Wheeler Chester H. Bravo Co
Wheeler J????y Jr Charlie Co
Whistler Warren HHC
Whitacre Theodore Bravo Co
White Chuck Charlie Co
White Charles HHC
White James E. Alpha Co
White Fletcher Jr. Charlie Co
White Lawrence HHC
White Wilbert S. Charlie Co
White Phillip E. Charlie Co
White * Oscar L. Delta Co
Whited Lyle D. Charlie Co HHC
Whitehead William Charlie Co
Whitelaw * George D. Bravo Co
Whitney * Dick E. Bravo - Echo
Whitworth Robert (Bo) Bravo Co - HHC
Wichman Peter D. Bravo Co
Widzowski Paul M. Charlie Co
Wiedeman Rodney D. Delta Co
Wiggington Leonard Bravo Co
Wiggins James L. Alpha Co
Wiggins Theodore Bravo Co
Wilber Ken Bravo Co
Wileman Joseph A. Delta Co
Wiles Larry Alpha Co
Charlie Co
Wilkes Sylvester E. Echo Co
Wilkins * Randolph R. Charlie Co
Wilkinson William Bravo Co
Wilknson Wilbur T. Delta Co
Alpha Co
Williams Burton F. Alpha Co
Williams Claude Alpha Co
Williams James Alpha Co
Williams Harold HHC
Williams Davant T HHC
Williams Ernest G HHC
Williams Charles E. Charlie Co
Williams Lewis M. Charlie Co
Williams Everett Bravo Co
Williams Henry C. Charlie Co
Williams Mark E. Charlie Co
Williams Robert E. Alpha Co
Williams Joseph W. Charlie Co
Williams William G. Alpha Co
Williams John C. HHC
Williams James L. Bravo Co
Williams Lewis M. Alpha Co
Williams Billy Ray Bravo Co
Williams * Samuel L. Jr. Charlie Co
Williams * Frederick T. Bravo Co
Williams J Johnny P. Delta Co
Williamson James A. Bravo Co
Wills Prince Echo Co
Willson James HHC
Alpha Co
Wilson G. James Delta Co
Wilson Paul HHC
Wilson Paul D HHC
Wilson Jerry R. HHC - Charlie Co
Wilson Willie J. Delta Co
Wilson Edward C. Alpha Co
Wilson O. N. Charlie Co
Wilson Clyde D. Delta Co
Wilson * Lewis B Charlie Co
Wiltse * Ronald E. Bravo Co
Wiltz Richard Charlie Co
Winczura John A HHC
Winczura John Delta Co
Winders James L. Alpha Co
Winningham Charles M. Bravo Co
Winslow Bruce H. Bravo Co
Winslow Wendelin W. Charlie Co
Winters Calloway Charlie Co
Wirth James P. Bravo Co
Wise John E. Bravo Co
Wise Robert G. Charlie Co
Wise * Rodney D. Charlie Co
Wiseman Courtney Charlie Co
Witak Duane Alpha Co
Witt * Kenneth L. Bravo Co
Wodack Larry E. Delta Co
Wojcicky * John L. Bravo Co
Wojnar Thomas E. Bravo Co
Wolcott Roger Bravo Co
Wolfe Charles L. HHC
Wolfe Kenneth H. Jr. Charlie Co
Wolfe Johnny Bravo Co
Wolfe * Matthew Bravo Co
Wolfrom Gary Bravo Co
Wolin Glenn Bravo Co
Wolverton Lester HHC
Wood Leslie HHC
Wood Terrell HHC
Woodall Robert Bravo Co
Woodall * Charles M. Jr. Delta Co
Woodard James L HHC
Alpha Co
Woods Leo E Charlie Co
Woods * Ray H. Alpha Co
Woodson U. L. Alpha Co
Woodson Jon D. HHC
Woodwnshee Alan E. Delta Co
Woolley * Mack L. Jr. Alpha Co
Word * William K. Echo Co
Worden Robert Charlie Co
Workman Gary L. Bravo Co
Workman Teddy R. Alpha Co
Charlie Co
Worthington Fred R. Alpha Co
Wortman Charles G. Bravo Co
Wozniak William Charlie Co
Wren Steven Echo Co
Wright Gerald R. Delta Co
Wright Charles HHC
Wright Ollie Bravo Co
Wright Andrew Bravo Co
Wright Jack E. Delta Co
Wright Alton (Tex) Alpha Co
Wright * Clayton D. Bravo Co
Wyatt Patrick Bravo Co
Wyatt Rickey L. Bravo Co
Wyckoff Richard C. Alpha Co
Wynn Jimmie Bravo Co
Wyrick James W. Bravo Co
Yanda William R. Alpha Co
Yar???ush Joseph T. Charlie Co
Yates Ronald S. Alpha Co
Ybanez Fred Charlie Co
Ye??? Richard Charlie Co
Yengo David C. Charlie Co
Yockey Craig Charlie Co
Yocum Rudy F HHC
Yocum William C. Charlie Co
Yodel Kent R. Alpha Co
Yoder Gary D. Bravo Co
Yoder Gary D HHC
Yokley Thomas E. Bravo Co
York Joe D. Alpha Co
York * Robert L. Bravo Co
Young Christopher Charlie Co
Young Alexander (Sandy) HHC
Young R. Delta Co
Young Edger Alpha Co
Young Joe Alpha Co
Younts Douglas J. Alpha Co
Youtz Willis P. Delta Co
Yule John A. Alpha Co
Zaborny Gregory M. Charlie Co
Zahradnick Robert Charlie Co
Zaitz * Jack M. Bravo Co
Zaja Bernard Bravo Co
Zamazal Frank Charlie Co
Zamzow Stephen Bravo Co
Zaputil Tom Bravo - HHC
Zastrow Ronnie M. Delta Co
Zayas-Falcon Jorge Charlie Co
Zeller * Michael C. Charlie Co - HHC
Zielinski John M. Charlie Co
Zierk Keith N. Bravo Co
Ziflinski John M. Charlie Co
Zikoski Michael O. Bravo Co
Zimmerman Kenneth Charlie Co
Zuckerman Barry Echo Co
Zurcher Max C. Bravo Co
Zywicki Wallace Bravo Co