5th Battalion, 60th Infantry Regiment
3rd Brigade
 9th Infantry Division
In the Republic of Vietnam




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This Association is a free, not-for-profit organization.  All of the Officers of this Association and their Webmaster donate their time and equipment at no cost to the Association.  We do not sell our membership data base list.

There are no dues.  We already paid our dues in Vietnam.  This Association runs and finances the best reunions ever held by any organization entirely on donations to the Association.

We prefer members to have an email address to keep costs down.  If you have access to a computer (friend, local school, library, etc.) you can set up a free email account (there are many available) to use.  We do not refuse membership because you do not have access to a computer.  If you need help with this please call, write, or email any Officer and let us know.  We are always open to suggestions from our members.

Existing Members: If you have changed your contact information and have not notified the Secretary please keep us informed by doing so.

Association Membership

            Association Membership

As of 3/17/09

Go to the specific Company list to get more information on an individual.

560 Assoc All
560 Assoc All
Last Name First Name Unit
Adams James T. Bravo Co 2nd Plt 8/69-8/70
Adkisson Gregory Alpha 8/69-11/70
Adrian George Alpha Co 1st Plt 1/69-6/69
Aker Edward Bravo Co 7/69 - 11/69
Alcorn Dan Arty FO Alpha Co 9/69-3/70
Allen Dennis HHC Recon 11/67- 4/68
Allen Arnold Bravo Co 4th Plt 12/66-9/67
Allen Michael Charlie Co 9/68-12/68
Alley Lee B. B Co Plt LDr, Recon Plt Ldr, C Co CO 9/67-8/68
Alms Eddy Charlie Co 2nd Plt 2nd Sqd 6/67-5/68
Amburgy Michael Bravo Co 4th Plt 12/66 - 6/67
Anderson John H. Alpha Co Medic 1st Plt 1/70-3/71
Anderson Alan G Alpha Co Alpha Co CO 10/68-5/69
Anderson Roger Delta Co 7/69-6/70
Andrea Carlos Bravo Co 2nd Plt 5/69 - 4/70
Ashby John (Arab) Bravo Co Command Track Driver 4/67-4/68
Askeland James Charlie Co 2/70 - 4/71
Ayres Dean 709th Maint & 99th Combat Support Bn.
Ayres George Alpha Co 12/67-12/68
Back Larry HHC Recon 11/66-5/67
Bailey Sam Charlie Co 5/70-8/70
Bailey John (Hair) HHC 7/69-4/70
Bailey Jack Bravo Co 2nd Plt 2/68-5/68
Bailie Wesley (Wes) Bravo Co 4/67-3/68
Baird Jeffrey Charlie Co 5/70-8/70
Balas Louis (Tex) HHC Recon 2/68-8/68
Baldwin Craig Bravo Co 5/69-7/70
Baldwin Owen Bravo Co 10/67-7/68
Ball Jim MACV - IV Corp ARVN Advisor 8/67-8/68
Barnes Michael Bravo Co 4/67-2/68 2nd Plt Weapons Squad
Barnett Ben Bravo Co 3rd Plt 2/68-2/69
Barsumian Robert Bravo Co 4/67-4/68
Bartholomay Vince HHC 2/70-8/70
Bartlett John W Alpha Co 1st Plt 12/69-10/70
Barto James Bravo Co 1st Plt 12/66-11/67
Bates James (Doug) Bravo Co 3rd Plt Medic 3/69-3/70
Bausser Bill Charlie Co 2nd/4th Arty FO 1/68-2/68
Beato Joseph Bravo Co 1st Plt 9/68-9/69
Beechinor Bob HHC Recon CO 11/66-11/67
Benson Col RAAF #2 Sq. USAF 35th TFW 6/69-6/70
Bentler John (Horn) Charlie Co 2nd Plt 10/68-7/69
Betts Robert HHC 2nd Squad Mortars 10/67-10/68
Bialobok Edward Delta Co 2nd Plt 3/70-8/70
Biggar Robert Echo Co 5/70-9/70
Birchfield Gary HHC 1/68-6/68 Bravo Co 1st Plt Medic
Birge Doug (Doc) Charlie Co 1st/2nd Plt 1/68-1/69
Bissenden Thomas (Biz) Charlie Co 2nd Sq 1st Plt 8/68-7/69
Blankman Lawrence Alpha Co 3rd Plt 4/67-4/68
Bobbett Gary Charlie Co 4/67-4/68
Bobbitt Bruce Bravo Co 9/68-9/69
Bodven Allen HHC Recon 2/68-2/70
Bogan Robert Bravo Co 2nd Plt 9/67-8/68
Bohm Thomas Bravo Co 3rd Plt 12/66 - 12/67
Bolcar John A HHC Commo Plt 9/68-10/69
Boldridge George HHC Commo Plt 12/67-12/68
Bonney Robert HHC Recon 1966-1967
Born Jack Charlie Co 9/68-12/68
Bowen James Charlie Co RTO 9/68-5/69
Bower Robert HHC 5/67-7/67
Boyd Emerson Alpha Co 2nd, 3rd, 4th Plts, XO 9/69-9/70
Breidenbach Peter Charlie Co 9/68-6/69
Brewer Daniel Alpha Co 3rd Plt 8/69-8/70
Brewer Jerry HHC 10/66-11/67
Brigle John Bravo Co S-4 10/68 - 7/69
Brishaber Robert Bravo Co 2nd Plt 7/67-1/68
Brown Ken HHQ Commo 12/66-12/67
Brown Allen Bravo Co 1/70-11/70
Brown John O. Charlie Co 1st Plt 9/66-6/67
Brown Lester Bravo Co 1st Plt 9/66-11/67
Brownell Jon M. HHC Mortars 10/67-10/68
Bryson Dave HHC Recon 1967
Buckhout Jim Charlie Co 9/68-8/69
Budzinski Michael Bravo Co 5/69 -5/70
Buehrig Grant Alpha Co 3rd Plt 2/68-6/68
Buentello Joseph Bravo Co 12/66-4/67
Burgi Stan Alpha Co 7/68-6/69
Burn Robert Bravo Co 8/69-1/70
Burt Philip Associate (13 yo 2007) Nephew of Haold Burt
Burt Bessie Associate Member Wife of Harold
Burt Harold Charlie Co 3rd Platoon 8/68-7/69
Buswell Robert Charlie Co Ptl Ldr 1/70-6/70
Bygness Roger Bravo Co 4th Plt 5/67-10/67
Cachu Leo A Alpha Co 1st Plt 12/69-10/70
Cagigas Jaime (Gig) Alpha Co 4th Plt 3/67-4/68
Cain Dave Alpha Co Hq Plt 12/67-12/68
Califello Richard Charlie Co 8/68-7/69
Campbell Harlin Bravo Co 2nd Plt 2nd Sq 7/67-12/67
Cannon Earl Echo Co Recon Medic 8/69-4/70
Capowski David Bravo Co 2nd Platoon 12/66-3/67
Carlisle Bart Bravo Co 2/68-9/68
Carlson Robert Alpha Co 2/4th Arty FO 3/67-9/67
Carnachi Robert Charlie Co 11/69 - 9/70
Carr Vincent HHC Tan An 5/67-6/67
Cartmill Ernest Alpha Co 8/68-10/69
Casey Bobby Delta Co 6/69-6/70
Chaffin Wendel (Toby) Charlie Co (VP) 2nd Plt Ldr 4/70-9/70
Chaffin Edward Charlie Co 1st Plt 5/68-9/68
Chamberlain Rachel Associate Dad Charlie Hensley 10/69-10/70
Chancler Denny HHC Mortars 8/67-8/68
Chaney Tommy HHC Delta Co Medic 12/68-2/69
Chapman Thomas Alpha Co 9/68-8/69
Chierchio Joseph Charlie Co 10/68-3/69
Churchwell Billy Bravo Co 1st Plt 9/68-?/69
Ciaccia Ron Bravo Co 1967
Ciccolo Daniel Alpha Co 3rd Plt 6/68-6/69
Cintron Harry Delta Co 1/69-6/69
Clay Allan HHC Commo Plt 11/67-11/68
Clouse Larry Charlie Co 3rd Plt Ldr 4/69-4/70
Cluff David Delta Co 1/69-1/70
Cole Daniel (Mike) Bravo Co 2nd Platoon 4/67-3/68
Cole Jim USAF
Cole Ed HHC Mortars 10/67-2/68
Cole Mark Associate Son-in Law of Roy Guillen
Colsch Ron L Bravo Co 1st Plt 10/68-8/69
Conkle Dennis Bravo Co 1/67-12/67
Connors Marge Donut Dollie
Cooper Garry RAAF FAC Tamale35 4/68-1/69
Cooper Bob Charlie Co, 3rd Plt Ldr 9/68-7/69
Copeland Tommy Charlie Co CO, S-4, S-5 6/66-12/67
Cordle Timothy Charlie Co 2nd Plt 9/69-9/70
Coro Don Charlie Co 11/67-5/68
Corsale Alfred Alpha Co 66-67
Costich Kenneth J. II Charlie Co CO 1st/16th
Costner Misty Woodall Dad Charles Woodall Delta Co KIA1/25/69
Coutant John HHC Recon Medic 8/67-12/67
Coviello Nick Alpha Co 3rd Plt 6/68-9/68
Cowles Lenny (BoBo) Charlie Co 4th Plt 1/69-1/70
Coyle John Alpha Co 1st Sqd 1st Plt 11/68-12/69
Crawford James Echo Co 1/70-9/70
Cremasco Theodore HHC 12/66-12/67
Crenshaw Robert Delta Co 1/69-1/70
Cronan J. Michael 336 Assault Hel Co "T-Birds" 9/68-8/69 9/71-5/72
Crooker John HHC Tan An Security 9/68-3/69
Cuber John HHC 8/66-12/67
Cunningham Ron Bravo Co 3/68-7/68
Curtin Bob Delta Co 2nd Plt 1/69-1/70
Daniel Larry Bravo Co 4/68-4/69
Darian Richard Bravo Co 2/68-2/69
Davis Jackson Charlie Co 12/66-9/67
Davis Benjamin Charlie Co 5th Plt 8/68-8/69
Davis Esall (Harry) Bravo Co 1st Plt 7/68-5/69
Davis Terry
Deal Steve Alpha Co 5/69-5/70
Deane Clifford Echo Co 9/69-9/70
Dearing John Alpha Co 1st Plt 2/68-1/69
DeCook Phillip HHC 2/67-6/67
DeGelder Terry Delta Co 3rd Plt 7/68-7/69
DeHart William Delta Co Recon 2/70 - 7/70
Deister Jim Charlie Co 15th Engineers 6/67-11/67
Delaney Joe Alpha Co 1/68-9/68
DeLorenzo Rich HHC 5/66-9/67
Demonbreun Les Bravo Co 7/68 - 7/69
Denker Dennis Charlie Co 3rd Plt 1st Sq 9/68-3/69
Depko John Charlie Co 1st Plt Ldr 11/68-7/69
DeSpain Sam Charlie Co 9/69-9/70
Desper Rich Charlie Co 3rd Plt 9/68-7/69
Diamond James Alpha Co 11/68-2/69
Diaz David Alpha Co, HHC Recon 12/66-4/67
Dittmer Jon Charlie Co 2nd Plt 1/69-1/70
Divecchio Keith Alpha Co 3rd Plt Medic 8/67 - 8/68
Dixon Henry Brother of Patrick Dixon Echo Co KIA 5/28/69
Dodge Norris HHC 7/66-8/67
Doherty William Charlie Co (Rep) 3rd Plt Ldr 9/67-3/68
Donnelly Patrick Bravo Co 11/66-11/67
Donner David Tan An TOC RTO 10/67-7/68
Dooling Ralph Braco Co 12/66- 8/67
Dornhecker Bob HHC 7/66-12/67
Dorr Henry Bravo Co XO CO 1/68-8/68
Drummond Bob HHC 8/67-9/68
Ducharme Dave HHC 12/66-8/67
Dudley Lawrence Charlie Co 4/69-4/70
Duke Herbert (Arnold) Charlie Co 8/68-8/69
Durrance Richard Bravo Co 1st Plt 3/67 - 3/68
Dyer Mike Alpha Co 1/67-1/68
Dyson Roger Alpha Co 8/69-3/70
Easter Larry HHC Recon 11/67-11/68
Eaton Edgar HHC 7/68-10/69
Ebarb William Bravo Co 67-68
Ebbole Daniel Alpha Co 1/69-1/70
Edmands Bob Alpha Co 7/67-7/68
Egelston Gary Charlie Co 3rd Plt 10/68-8/69
Egli Walter Charlie Co 1st Plt 8/68-2/69
Eichler Gregory HHC 12/67-12/68
Eickendorf John Charlie Co 2nd Plt 9/68
Ensminger Dennis Charlie Co 11/69-8/70
Erickson Teddy B Bravo Co 1st Plt 11/68-10/69
Escamilla Juan HHC 7/69-2/70
Essary Norman Charlie Co 1st Plt 3/69-4/70
Evans Thomas W. Jr Associate Son Of Thomas Evans
Evans Thomas Bravo Co 2/68-3/68
Everidge Ronnie Alpha Co 2/68-5/68
Exarhopoulos Alex (Greek) Bravo Co 1/67-12/67
Farah Dennis Delta Co 2nd Plt 5/69-4/70
Farlin Gregory Bravo Co 2nd Plt
Farver Mike HHC Medic 12/68-6/69
Fielding John HHC 5/70-8/70
Fischer Robert HHC and Band, DISCOM 1/69-7/69
Fisher Ernest (Ron) Bravo Co 2nd Plt 2nd Sq 6/66-8/67
Fitzpatrick George Bravo Co XO 3/67-10/67
Fletcher Harry Bravo Co 2nd Plt 12/66-12/67
Flores David Associate Brother of Richard Flores C Co KIA 5/10/68
Foor Kenton (Mick) Bravo Co 4th Plt 2/67-2/68
Ford Stanley Echo Mortar Plt 8/68-10/69
Fox Tim HHC 9/68-8/69
France Ross HHC Suport Tan An 3/67-9/68
Frank Tony Charlie Co 4/68-4/69 Mortor Plt
Frank Bruce Bravo Co 66-67
Franks Tommy 2nd/4th Arty 8/67-8/68
Frass Richard Bravo Co HQ Section 12/66-9/67
Frazier John Alpha Co 8/66-8/67
Freeze Kimberly Associate
French James HHC Medic to 1st Plt Alpha Co 2/68-9/68
Fritz David Bravo Co 3rd Plt 1/68-5/68
Gaffney Dennis Alpha Co 11/68-3/69
Galimitakis Milton Alpha Co 1st Plt 1st Sq 8/68-8/69
Garcia Ruben HHC Recon 2/68-8/68
Garness Steve Charlie Co 2nd Plt 6/68-6/69
Garver Ronald Charlie Co 11/67-10/68
Gault Dawin (Buddy) Charlie Co 3/68-3/69
Gayhart Homer (Butch) Charlie Co 4/67-4/68
Genite Alfred Bravo Co 3rd Plt 4/67-3/68
George James Charlie Co 1st Sgt 6/68-6/69
Gesiorski Peter Bravo Co 11/69-10//70
Gibson Darrel Charlie Co 2nd Plt - Co RTO 9/68-6/69
Gilmer James Alpha Co 5/66-8/67
Gilroy Marty Delta Co 1/69-7/69
Giordano James Alpha Co 3rd Plt 11/66-8/67
Glaze Gary Alpha Co FO 3/69-9/69
Glenn Mitchell 2nd/4th Arty 12/67-12/68
Gober Hershel W. Charlie Co CO 1/69-3/69
Golden Mike Alpha Co 2/70
Golupski Thomas Bravo Co 8/69-8/70
Goodale Michael HHC S-1 12/66-4/67
Goodwin William Alpha Co 2/67-2/68
Goodwin Millard Charlie Co 3/68-3/69
Goree James W. Jr. Charlie Co 3rd Plt 10/67-12/67
Gosse Tom Delta Co 3rd Plt Ldr 68-69
Gothier Dennis Alpha Co 12/68-12/69
Gott Earl HHC Recon 3/68 - 9/68
Gowing Danny Bravo Co 8/68-5/69
Greenwell Phillip Charlie Co CO 1st/16th 1969
Greenwood Jerry (Bunnykid) Bravo Co 3rd Plt 1/68-10/68
Greer John HHC 1/70-10-70
Grissom David Charlie Co 1st Plt 9/68-7/69
Guerra Mauricio Bravo Co 3rd Plt 2/68-2/69
Guess Norman Bravo Co 1st Plt 8/68-7/69
Guevara Richard Delta Co 3rd Plt 12/68-12/69
Guidi Richard B Battery 1/84 Artillery 11/67-11/68
Guillen Roy Charlie Co 12/66-8/67
Guillorn Albert Charlie Co 2nd Plt 12/68-12/69
Gulley Rick Alpha Co 2nd Plt 12/68-12/69
Gulliver Albert Charlie Co 2nd Plt 1/69-8/69
Hager Ben HHC Medic 9/68-3/69
Halbrook John 2nd/4th Arty Tan An 3/67-3/68
Halm Gary Bravo Co 4/69-3/70
Hamilton Robert Alpha Co 7/66-4/67
Harderson Gary Alpha Co 6/69-1/70
Harrier Jim Charlie Co 2/68-10/68
Harris Hassell (Junnie) Charlie Co 3rd Plt 12/69-12/70
Harshberger Thomas Bravo Co 4th Plt 11/66-6/67
Hatch Robert Alpha Co 3rd/39th 2/67-6/68
Haug Tony Charlie Co 10/66-9/67
Haught Terry Associate Member Sister of Gary Haught KIA 9/17/69
Havens Dean HHC Recon Plt 5/67-3/68
Hawkins Warren
Hawkins Greg HHC 1/68-1/69
Hellige Frank Charlie Co 11/66-12/67
Hemphill Dennis Bravo Co 7/69-7/69
Henderson John Bravo Co 3rd Plt 1/68 - 8/68
Herbert James Charlie Co 3rd Plt 12/69-2/70
Herrera Alfredo G. Charlie Co 1st Sgt 1st/16th
Herrera Al Bandido Charlie Assoc Sceretary
Hertzler Jim Bravo Co 7/69-2/70
Hester Kendall Charlie Co 8/68 - 1/69
Hetzel Kimberly Associate. Daughter of John McAlarney A Co 68-70
Hickman Ronald HHC Recon 11/66-11-67
Hietikko Les Bravo Co 1/68- 1/69
Hill Bob Charlie Co 2nd Plt 4/68 2/69
Hines David Bravo Co 1st Plt 4/69-4/70
Hinkley Willard Alpha Co CO 5/68-6/68
Hirai Norm Delta Co 1st Plt 10/68-10/69
Hitchcock Duane Delta Co 6/69-1/70
Hodgden Larry D. Charlie Co 3rd Plt 5/69-8/69
Hodges Royce Bravo Co 9/67-9/68
Hohman John Charlie Co 4th Plt 12/67-12/68
Holder John Alpha Co 3rd Plt 10/67-10/68
Holland David Cousin of KIA Charles Holland 12/19/67
Holloway Gwyndell HHC Recon Plt 5/67-4/68
Hollowbush Rodney Charlie Co 5/69-5/70 1st Plt 1st Sqd
Holt John Alpha Co 3rd Plt 9/69-10/70
Hopkinson Al (Hop) HHC 6/66-11/67
Houben David Associate - Nephew of Al Jones HHC Co Died 11/67
Howard Samuel "Paul" Bravo Co 1st Platoon 1/67-1/68
Huckaby Marshall C HHC 4/68-7/68
Huston Steve Charlie Co 1st Plt 8/69-5/70
Inguanta Stephen Alpha Co 1st Plt 10/68-8/69
Inskeep R. 191st Aslt Hel Co Bearcat 8/67-8/68
Irvin Richard Alpha Co 3rd Plt 3rd Sqd 6/69-4/70
Jackman Gary Delta Co Mortars 6/69-12/69
Jackson Wilmer E. (Gene) Charlie Co 2nd Plt 10/68-4/69
Jackson Harry C Battery 1st/84th Artillery Tan An 7/67-7/68
Jahn Chester Charlie Co 2nd Plt 1/68-1/69
James Robert Charlie Co 2/67-2/68
James Becky Taylor Dad Glenn Taylor Bravo Co KIA 2/1/68
Jass Dennis Bravo Co 2/68-3/69
Jenkins Clemmie Charlie Co 3rd Plt 3/68-4/69
Jewell Tex William Jr. Charlie Co 1st Plt 10/68-10/69
Johnson John (Randy) Bravo Co 2nd Plt 10/67-12/67
Johnson Gus Echo Co 2/69-2/70
Johnson Phillip 2nd 4th Arty Batt A GS-2 4/69-3/70
Johnson Donnie HHC - Charlie Co 3rd Plt Medic 8/68-12/68
Johnston Jon Charlie Co 1st Plt 2nd Plt 7/69-5/70
Jones David Bravo Co 2nd Plt Ldr 12/66-9/67
Jones Don
Jones Lanny Charlie Co 3/68-3/69
Jorgensen James Charlie Co 6/69-3/70
Kane Richard Delta Co 1st Plt 7/69-3/70
Kasarda John Bravo Co 1st Plt 10/67-3/68
Kasper Paul R TDY 15th Eng Flame APC'S 3/67-3/68
Kay Dennis Alpha Co 12/67-12/68
Keene Howard Delta Co 2nd Plt 1/69-8/69
Kennedy Thomas Charlie Co 1969-1970
Ketelsen Ronald HHC 2/69-2/70
Khawam Sandra Associate - daughter of KIA LTC Leo Sikorski
Kilgore Bruce Bravo Co 68-69
Kincaid Kenneth Charlie Co 7/67-7/68
Kindig Charlie Charlie Co 2nd Plt 7/68-7/69
King Grady Alpha Co 11/67-11/68
Kisling Alan Charlie Co 2/4th Arty FO 10/67-10/68
Klisura Lawrence HHC 7/69-11/69
Koeneman Tim HHC Co (Rep) Commo Plt Ldr 11/67-10/68
Koenig Les Alpha Co 3rd Plt 10/67-10/68
Kolodziejski Joe B Co 15th Combat Engineers 10/67-6/68
Kozak Bob Alpha Co 3rd Plt 12/66-11/67
Krebsbach C. Fred Alpha Co 2nd Plt 6/69 - 7/70
Kresconko Ron HHQ Co 1968
Kuisle Edward Charlie Co 2nd Plt 6/69-6/70
Kujawa Theodore Bravo Co 2nd Plt 5/67-8/67
LaChance James Alpha Co 2nd Plt 4/67-8/67
Lamb Donald Alpha Co Tan An 1/70-1/71
Lance Russell Bravo Co 2/68-2/69
Landers John Delta Co 12/68-12/69
Langley Bob Delta Co 3rd Plt 12/68-12/69
Larmore John Bravo Co 1/68-12/68
Larson Dennis Bravo Co 2nd Plt 5/66-9/67
Lash Rick Associate For Gordon Hughes KIA Jaeger
Lashbrook Michael HHC 10/67-10/68
Lawrence Larry Bravo Co 4th Plt 12/66 - 12/67
Lawson Robert Charlie Co 1st Plt 6/68-6/69
Lazzell Robert HHC Tan An 3/68-3/68
Lehman Charles Charlie Co 3/67-3/68
Lehne James 2nd / 60th Tan Tru
Leiker Stephen Delta Co 1st Plt 6/69-2/70
Lekse Alan Charlie Co 2nd Plt 9/67-4/68
Leonard Robert (Flex) Bravo Co 3rd Plt 4/68-4/69
Leppert Gerald (Doc) Bravo Co Medic 4th Plt 11/66-11/67
Lewis Jerry Delta Co FO/RTO 2/69-8/69
Lewis Maddy & Bill Sister and Brother-in-law of Teddy Erickson
Lingley Jim Charlie Co 2nd Plt 7/69-6/70
Linnen James Charlie Co 1st Plt 2/69-11/69
Liskey Rocky Charlie Co 5/68-6/68
Litherland Bob (Duck) Charlie Co 1st Plt 1st Sq 1/69-7/69
Lloyd Frank Bravo Co 11/69-6/70
Lloyd Evan (Twiggy) Charlie Co 4th Plt 4/68-4/69
Lock Barry Charlie Co 3rd Plt 5/69-7/70
Locker Duane Bravo Co 10/68-3/69
Loconsolo John Bravo Co 4th Plt 12/66-3/67
Logsdon Jim Charlie Co 5/70-8/70
Lopez Salvador Charlie Co 1st Plt 2/68-2/70
Lopez Fred Bravo Co 4th Plt 4/68 - 10/68
Lott Gerry Delta Co 6/69-8/69
Lozada Carlos R. Associate Dad Carlos HHC mortars 11/67-11/68
Lozada Carlos J. HHC Mortars 11/67-11/68
Lucas Manuel A Bravo Co 1st Plt 6/66 - 9/67
Luppens Arnette Joe Delta Co 5/69-7/70
Lussier Andre Delta Co 4/69-6/70
Lynch Raymond Alpha Co 10/68-5/69
Lynch Mike Delta Co 8/69-8/70
Mabus Barry Charlie Co 9/67-12/67
MacKechnie Mac Alpha Co 10/68-10/68
Mackedanz Ronald Charlie Co 1st/16th 10/68-10/69
Maddox Marion Alpha Co 3rd Plt 8/69-8/70
Madsen Michael HHC 9/67-12/67
Makemson Jack Charlie Co 9/67-11/67
Malcolm Jerry HHC 7/68-7/69
Mallett Gene Alpha Co 5/68-10/68
Mallory Robert Charlie Co 1st Plt 10/67 - 1/69
Maloney James Delta Co 2/69-6/69
Maniss Ralph Delta Co 3rd Plt 1/69-1/70
Mann William Alpha Co 3rd Plt 1/70-12/70
Mansfield Dale HHC Batt Maint 3/67-3/68
Manza Brian Charlie Co1/68-9/68
Marcks Richard (Ripley) Bravo Co 2/68 - 2/69
Marcum Nevel HHC 6/69-6/70
Marquez Art Bravo Co 2nd/4th Lt FO 5/67-11/67
Marr Samuel Charlie Co 3/68-2/69
Martin Philip Delta Co 1/70-8/70
Martin William HHC Recon 2/67-2/68
Martinez Servado Jr. Assoc Member Cousin of Robert Roiz C Co 68-69 (Dec)
Martinez Ernest HHQ 3rn Brigade Tan An 10/67-11/68
Marty Raymond Bravo Co 1969
Mascitti Louis (Mike) Bravo Co 8/69-8/70
Massey Earl Alpha Co 1st Plt Ldr 8/67-11/67
Mayabb Lonnie Alpha Co 11/68 - 4/69
Mays Joe Delta Co 1/69-1/70
Mayville Ronald Charlie Co 8/67-8/68
McAlarney John Alpha Co 12/68-1/70
McAloon Patrick Charlie Co 2nd Plt 1/69-1/70
McCants Ron Delta Co 3rd Plt 8/69-8/70
McCarron Geoffrey Alpha Co CO 10/67-12/67
McClean Michael (Cowboy) Charlie Co 1st Plt 1969
McCormick Thomas Delta Co 3/69-3/70
McCormick Brian (Mac) Bravo Co 8/66-8/67 FO
McCulla James HHC 2/68-2/69
McHale Bill Alpha Co 3rd Plt 5/68-10/68
McHenry Herbert Charlie Co 1st/16th 6/69-3/70
McManigle Wally Charlie Co 10/69-11/70
Meddaugh Mike Alpha Co 2/4 Arty FO Sgt 8/69-12/69
Meidinger James Bravo Co 2nd Plt 3rd Sq 2/68 - 2/69
Mendoza Robert Alpha Co 1st Plt 1st Sqd 9/67-5/68
Messantonio William (Massi) Alpha Co 1st Plt 10/67-1/68
Metcalf Sam Bravo Co 2/70-6/70
Metzler William (Metz) Bravo Co Co RTO 6/67-6/68
Meyer Harold HHC Recon 1/67-10/67
Miguel Mariano (Sonny) Bravo Co 1st Plt 12/66-11/67
Miles Monroe Bravo Co 1st Platoon 12/66-11/67
Miley Edward (Dave) HHC Recon 12/66-11/67
Miller Richard Charlie Co 1st Plt 9/68-4/69
Miller John U. Sr Associate 8th Security Police USAF Korea 73-74
Miller James (Chip) HHC Recon 10/67-9/68
Miller Larry Charlie Co 1st Plt 3/68-10/68
Miller John W HHC Recon 4/67-3/68
Miller Edward Bravo Co 2nd Plt 12/66-4/67
Miller Donald Delta Co 3rd Plt Ldr 1/69-6/69
Mills Thomas Echo Co 6/69-8/70
Milton Mike HHC 9th ID 6/67-6/69
Minami Edward Delta Co 3rd Plt 68-69
Mintz Jim Charlie Co 3rd Plt 7/69-6/70
Mitchell Sidney Alpha Co 68-69
Moen Ted Alpha Co 3rd Plt Ldr 10/67-4/68
Moore Peyton Bravo Co 12/66 - 12/67
Moore Albert Bravo Co HHC 5/66-12-67
Morgan Michael HHC Mortars 7/68-10/68
Morgan Norman Alpha Co 69-70
Morris Charles Charlie Co 1/69-2/70
Mount Paul Charlie Co 6/67-6/68
Mullins Richard (Keith) Alpha Co 3rd Plt 5/69-7/70
Murai Roger HHQ Co Batt S-3, XO 9/69-9/70
Murphy James Charlie Co 4/67-9/67
Murray Arthur Bravo Co 12/68-12/69
Mutz Larry Delta Co 2nd Plt 7/68-7/69
Myrick Thomas Delta Co 6/69-5/70
Nall James Charlie Co 1st Plt 8/67-1/68
Naulty James Alpha Co 3/67-8/67
Nauyalis Mark Alpha Co 4th Plt 4/68-10/68
Neild Frank Charlie CO 2/4th Arty FO Lt. 11/67-9/68
Nettles Donald Ray Bravo Co 2nd Plt 12/66 - 11/67
Newby Terrell Charlie Co HHC 9/67-9/68
Newby Joseph Bravo Co 1st Platoon 6/68-9/68
Newcomb Dale Bravo Co 4th Plt 5/67-7/67
Newell Robert Alpha Co 9/68-8/69
Nichols Philip HHC S-2 8/69-5/70
Nilsson Wilson R Bravo Co 3rd Plt 1/69-8/69
Nixon Larry HHC Recon Plt (Rep) 2/68-7/68
Noble Dewey (Nick) Alpha Co 1st &3rd Plt 10/67-10/68
Nolles James Delta Co 2nd Plt 1/70-10/70
Norris Roland Alpha Co 4th Plt 12/66-11/67
Norton Tom HHC Btl Chaplain 4/67-4/68
Novosad William Delta Co 2nd Plt 5/69-5/70
Nowack Stanley Bravo Co 2nd/4th Arty Lt FO
Nowak Bernie Delta Co 8/69-10/70
Nyberg Leonard Bravo Co 3rd Plt 8/68-5/69
Oakley John Alpha Co 1st Plt 5/68-6/69
Oaks Donnie Delta Co 6/69-1/70
O'Brien Thomas HHC 12/67-12/68
O'Dell Gerald Charlie Co 10/68
Olsen Martin HHC 3/68-4/69
Olson Jerome (JB) Batt Maint Tan An
Olson Manley Alpha Co 12/66-12/67
Ortega David Echo Co 8/69-8/70
Ortiz Mario Alpha Co 4th Plt 9/68-3/69
Osborn Richard HHC Tan An 1/68-9/68
Ossen Howard Alpha Co 1/68-1/69 3rd Plt
Palmer Anthony Charlie Co 4th Plt 5/67-5/68
Paraboschi Richie Bravo Co 12/66-11/67
Parfitt George Bravo Co 1st Plt 12/66-11/67
Parks Maxie Bravo Co 3rd Platoon 12/66-4/67
Parrish Jacob Associate Dad Wayne C Co 67-68
Parrish Cecil (Wayne) Charlie Co 9/67-5/68
Patterson James Delta Co 3rd Plt 5/69-6/70
Patterson Stanley Echo Co Recon 2/69 -2/70
Pawelkop A.J. Bravo Co 3rd Plt 68/69
Payne Ron Delta Co 3rd Plt 1/69-1/70
Payton Daniel HHC Recon 12/66-11/67
Peluso Tom Charlie Co Mortars 6/68-6/69
Pemberton Dan Alpha Co 5/69
Pennington Paul Charlie Co 5/69-12/69
Perez Joe Charlie Co 6/68-6/69
Perno John Delta Co 3rd Plt 6/68-6/69
Pettibone John Bravo Co 1/68-1/69
Phelps Darrell HHC 11/67-7/68
Pickett Bert Bravo Co 5/67-2/68
Pieper Rick Bravo Co 1st Plt 10/68-8/69
Pierro James Bravo Co 4th Plt 4/67-4/68
Pifer David Alpha Co 2nd Plt 8/69-10/70
Pink William Delta Co 6/68-8/69
Pippin Patrick Associate--Brother (Mike) in Bravo Co 69-70
Pituley John P HHC 6/68-6/69
Pizzo Sam Alpha Co 2nd Plt 10/66-11/67
Pizzutillo Daniel Echo Co Recon 69-70
Plettenberg Jim Alpha Co 3rd Plt 3rd Sq 9/69-9/70
Poe Bobby Charlie Co 1st Plt 9/68-6/69
Poole John Bravo Co Arty FO team 1/68-12/68
Poris Clifford Charlie Co 1st Plt 8/68-10/68
Posey Ronnie Charlie Co Mortars 2/69-3/70
Pounders Richard Charlie Co 2nd Plt 2nd Sq 10/68-8/69
Prado Javier Alpha Co 9/69-9/70
Prance Norman Charlie Co 3rd Plt 9/68-6/69
Presley William Alpha Co 4/70-1971
Proffitt Arlen (Butch) Charlie Co 2nd Plt 5/69-4/70
Puglisi Tony Bravo Co 3rd Plt 11/66 - 4/67
Quegg Bruce Bravo Co 1969
Quick Steven Bravo Co 10/68-6/69
Raggs Cedell (Raggman) Alpha Co 3rd Plt 67-68
Randall Tim Bravo Co Medic 5/67-3/68
Rawlings Jack Delta Co 8/69-8/70
Rebholz Ray 1st Cav
Reed Gary Charlie Co 1st Plt 10/68-8/69
Reelitz Daniel Charlie Co 3rd Plt Ldr 8/69-11/69
Reimold David Alpha Co 2/70-10/70
Reiser Ed Alpha Co 7/68-7/69
Reiss Ken Bravo Co 1st Plt 10/67-10/68
Retsema Kenneth Delta Co 6/68-6/69
Reust Ronald Charlie Co 12/66-7/67
Rice Duane D. Charlie Co 10/68-9/69
Ridgway William Delta Co 2nd Sqd 2nd Plt 9/69-9/70
Riggins Richard Carrier Airborne Squadron 13 (VAW 13)
Riley Larry Alpha Co 2nd Plt 6/69-3/70
Rinn Edward (Ted) Alpha Co 1st Plt 11/68-11/69
Rivers Greg S Alpha Co 5/68-9/68
Robertson Andrew Bravo Co 3rd Plt 1/68-2/69
Robinetti James E. Charlie Co 3/70-9/70
Robinson Richard E. Charlie Co 1st Plt 9/68-7/69
Rodriguez Johnny Alpha Co 8/66-11/67 2nd Sqd 2nd Plt
Rogers Robert (Skip) Charlie Co 2nd Plt 10/68-8/69
Rognes Dennis Charlie Co 3rd Plt 10/68-8/69
Rohan Jim Alpha 1st Plt RTO 5/68-7/68
Rohe David Charlie Co 10/67-10/68
Romanick Richard Delta Co 9/68-6/69
Rome Alfred Bravo Co 4/67-4/68
Ronaghan Walter Delta Co 2/69-1/70
Roosa David HHC Tan An 3/68-9/68
Rose Robert 542nd Medical 10/65-10/66
Ross Willie Bravo Co 1st Platoon 4/67-4/68
Rossel Eugene USAF
Rouillard Robert Bravo Co 12/67-4/68
Row Danny HHC Mortars 10/67-10/68
Royal Malcome V Bravo Co 1968-1969
Rozboril Richard HHC TOC 2/68-9/68
Rudat Jerome Bravo - HHC Recon Plt Ldr 10/67- 10/68
Rufenacht Kenneth Charlie Co HQ Plt 8/67-1/68
Rumsey Arthur Bravo Co 9/68-1/69
Russell Thomas Bravo Co (Rep) CO 2/67-2/68
Saldivar Ernest Delta Co (Rep) 2nd Plt 2/69-2/70
Saldivar Erveiz Alpha Co 8/68-8/69
Salkin Ronald HHC Alpha Co Medic, 12/66-11/67
Sano Steven (Curly) Bravo Co 3rd Plt 11/69-6/70
Santillon Luis Charlie Co 10/67-10/68
Sarley Gregory Charlie Co 1st Plt 7/68-7/69
Saxton Loren Alpha Co 2nd Plt Ldr, HHC Co 7/66-11/67
Scarborough Edmund Associate Nephew of KIA Charlie Co CO
Schade Paul Alpha Co 1/70-9/70
Schlee George (Mike) Alpha Co Plt Ldr 8/67-8/68
Schmidt Linda Niece of Ronald Bishop A Co KIA 9/17/69
Schmieder Garry Alpha Co 12/66-11/67
Schmitt Pat HHC Charlie Co Medic 10/67-11/67
Schneider Joseph Bravo Co 4th Plt 12/66-7/67
Schuldt Michael Delta Co 2nd Plt. 10/68-8/69
Schultz John Alpha Co 3rd Plt 8/69-2/70
Scott Charles Alpha Co 5/69-5/70 3rd and 4th Plts
Seal Dan HHC Recon 12/66-11/67
Seroka Stanley Echo Co 7/69-9/70
Sewell Charles Bravo Co 5/67-2/68
Shalberg John Charlie Co 2nd Plt 10/67-12/67
Shank Harold HHC Medical Plt 1/69-12/69
Shapiro Harvey HHC 3/67-3/68
Sharpe Merle (Jim) Bravo Alpha HHC 1967-1968
Shattuck William Bravo Co 3rd Plt 5/67-11/67
Shiparski Wayne Charlie Co 67-68
Shipley C. Russell Bravo Co 10/67-10/68
Shipman Mark Echo Co 4/69-4/70
Siegfried Richard (Steve) Bravo Co CO 7/67-2/68
Sienicki Peter Bravo Co 4th Plt 12/66-6/67
Simmons James HHC Recon 10/67-8/68
Simpson Fred HHC Support Plt Tan An 2/68-9/69
Skinner Robert J. (Jim) Alpha Co 2nd Plt (Medic) 10/68-10/69
Slama Mark HHC Recon 10/67-11/67
Smalley Wayne Bravo Co 3rd Plt 5/68-12/68
Smith Robert Alpha Co 1st Plt 4/67-3/68
Smith Dennis L. Bravo Co 6/68-10/68
Smith James Echo Co Recon Plt 3/70-9/70
Smith Howard (Art) HHC Recon 4/67-4/68
Smith Jimmy L. Charlie Co - HHC - Medic 9/69
Smithers Wayne Bravo Co 1/68-1/69
Snodgrass Wilder (Mac) Delta Co CO 4/68 - 10/68
Snow Ron Bravo Co 5/67-5/68
Soleim John Bravo Co Weapond Plt 12/66-12/67
Soleta Ronald Delta Co 2nd Plt 1/69-1/70
Sorensen Richard HHC Recon 67-68
Soria Ron Delta Co 3/69-11/69
Sparaco Anthony Charlie Co 9/68-4/69
Spears William Alpha Co (Rep) 9/68-7/69
Spencer Joe Associate - Brother of Dan
Spencer Dan HHC 3/67-3/68
Spivey Forrest Charlie Co 1/68-1/69
Sprenkel Jeffrey Charlie Co 11/68 - 3/69
Springer Johnnie Charlie Co 9/67-9/68
Stabile Tom Delta Co 1st Plt 2/69-2/70
Stalfort William HHC Medic Attached to Bravo 68-69
Stanton Ken HHC Medic Attached to Alpha 8/68-10/68
Steele William HHC Battalion CO 67-68
Stephens Jack Delta Co 1/69-4/70
Stepp Jerry HHC FO Recon 6/67-12/67
Stewart Tom Alpha Co 3/68-3/69
Stewart Danny Alpha Co 3rd Plt 1/70-9/70
Storti Michael Bravo Co 2nd Plt 2/68-2/69
Stout Robert Delta Co 2nd Plt 9/68-7/69
Strait Ellis (Gene) Bravo Co 9/67 - 9/68
Strange Emily Donut Dollie Dong Tam 1969
Streeter Michael (Cody) Alpha Co 6/70-10/70
Strick Claude Bravo Co 4th Plt 12/69-8/70
Striegler Tom 2/4th Arty XO
Stull Terry Charlie Co CO 4/70-10/70
Suggs Steven Charlie Co 3rd Plt 1968-1970
Sullins Tom Bravo Co 3rd Plt 4/68-10/68
Sullivan Sean Bravo Co 6/68-5/69
Sundberg Kenneth HHC Maint Plt 5/67-5/68
Susshine Frank (Rocky) Charlie Co 68-69
Swann William Bravo Co 1st Plt 1/67-7/68
Sweet John Bravo Co Plt Ldr 9/67-9/68
Tanasz Dan (Mouse) Alpha Co 3/70
Tash Bobby Bravo Co 4th Plt 6/67-12/67
Taylor Sherry Donut Dollie 1968-1969
Taylor Sam Associate - Dad Charlie Taylor
Taylor Charlie Charlie Co Plt Ldr, XO, CO 6/67-6/68
Te Slaa Norman Charlie Co 12/68-12/69
Teal Ernest HHC 7/66-1/67
Teske Julius (Butch) Bravo Co Ptl Ldr 12/68-12/69
Tharp Barney Alpha Co 9/68-6/69
Thomas Robert W. Alpha Co 3rd Plt 11/66-11/67
Thomas Tommy Charlie Co 2nd Plt 2nd Sqd 8/66-9/67
Thomas Terry Alpha Co 6/66-7/67
Thompson Richard (Tennessee) Echo Co 9/68-7/69
Thompson Oscar Charlie Co 1st Plt 9/68
Thompson Arthur (Frank) Alpha Co 1/68-5/68
Thompson Roger Alpha Co 3rd Plt 69-70
Thompson Terry 2nd/4th Arty 12/66-12/67
Thone Walter J Alpha Co 1st Plt 5/67-10/67
Tibbetts Robert Bravo Co 2nd Plt 3/68-3/69
Tiffany Linda Brother David KIA Echo Co 5/28/69
Tirreno Lawrence Charlie Co 2nd Plt 5/66-5/67
Titcomb Jeff Alpha Co 6/69-9/69
Todd Robert HHC Charlie Co Medic 9/67 - 8/68
Toyama Benjamin HHC Recon 11/66-11/67
Tracy Bill Charlie Co, HHC Co S-1 3/68-9/68
Trant Charles Bravo Co 2nd Plt 2/69-2/70
Trefethen Terry Bravo Co 2nd Plt 10/67-8/68
Treguboff Michael Charlie Co 1st Plt 12/68-8/69
Trevino Reynaldo Bravo Co 3rd Plt 3/67-8/67
Trimbur Robert Delta Co 1/69-6/69
Trujillo John Delta Co 2nd Plt 10/68-9/69
Trump Aaron Alpha Co 5/69-5/70
Valls Jose HHC Recon Medic 4/68-8/68
Varner Daniel Alpha Co 3/70-9/70
Vasco Steve Bravo Co 4th Plt 1st Sqd 10/67-10/68
Vazquez-Ortiz Higinio Bravo Co 1st Plt 12/66-11/67
Verdeja Virgil Dad, Rudy Verdeja, was in 5th/60th
Vick John Bravo Co 2/68-8/68
Villarreal Hector HHC CO 10/67-9/68
Villee Stuart HHC 8/67-8/68
VonFeldt Stan Alpha Co 3rd Plt 3rd Sq 2/69-4/70
Wade Alec Bravo CO Arty FO 11/67-4/68
Wade Michael Charlie Co Mortars 3/68-3/69
Wadleigh Kenneth Bravo Co 2/67-7/67
Wagner Jim Sr Echo Co 3/70-9/70
Wagner Jim Alpha Co 12/66-11/67
Wagner Harry Charlie Co 3/68-3/69
Waldo James Charlie Co FO 10/69-9/70
Walker Arthur I. III Charlie Co 1st Plt 7/68-7/69
Walker Maurice "MW". "Boog" Delta Co 2nd Plt 2/70 - 12/70
Walton Curtis Bravo Co 7/68-7/69
Ward Jerry Alpha Co, HHC
Ward Dustin 546 MP Plt Tan An 10/69-8/70
Warren Harry Alpha Co 10/68-7/69
Watkins Ernest Bravo Co 4th Plt 12/66-11/67
Weaver Barbara Jo Associate Brother of KIA Terry Weaver
Weir Jim Alpha Co 1st Sqd 1st Plt 5/68-9/68
Weller Robert HHC 10/67-8/68
Weller Irwin (Red) Bravo Co/Charlie Co 2/4th Arty B Batt FO
Wells Henry Charlie Co 5/66-11/67
Wesley Donald Charlie Co 2nd Plt 10/68-10/69
West Haywood Echo Co Recon 4/70-8/70
West Richard Charlie Co 2nd Plt 12/66-7/67
Westphal Donald HHC Recon 7/67-11/67
White Jimmy Alpha Co 12/66-11/67
White Chuck Charlie Co 2nd Plt 6/69-9/69
Whitworth Robert (Bo) Bravo Co 3rd Plt, XO 10/67-6/68
Wilber Ken Bravo Co 1st Plt 7/68-6/69
Williams Ernest HHC Recon 11/67 - 11/68
Williams Tommy HHC Tan An 5/67-5/68
Williams Burton Alpha Co 2nd/4th Arty FO 9/68-4/69
Williams Lewis M Charlie Co 10/67-2/68
Williams Davant T Battalion CO 9/69 - 3/70
Williams John C HHC Recon Plt 4/67-3/68
Wills Prince Echo Co 1969
Winczura John Delta Co Medic 3/69-3/70
Winslow Bruce Bravo Co 9/67-9/68
Winslow Wendelin (Wendy) Charlie Co CO 5/68-11/68 HHC 3rd Bne 11/67-5/68
Wirth James Bravo Co Arty RTO 11/68-1/70
Wise Robert Charlie Co 2nd Plt 12/66 - 7/67
Wodack Larry Delta Co 7/69-8/69
Wood Danny
Woods Leo Charlie Co 12/69-6/70
Woodson Jon D. HHC Recon 3/67-3/68
Worden Bob Charlie Co 3rd Plt 12/69-8/70
Wright Alton (Tex) Alpha Co 3rd Plt 9/67-3/68
Wyckoff Richard Alpha Co 1st Plt 2/70 - pullout
Yocum Rudy HHC 1/67-12/67
Youhon Jim 2nd/60th Tan Tru 68-69
Younts Douglas Alpha Co 5/69-8/69
Yule John Alpha Co 3rd Plt 5/69 - 9/69
Zastrow Ronnie Delta Co 11/68-12/69
Zaya Bernard Bravo Co 2/67-8/67
Zurcher Max Bravo Co 6/67-11/67

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