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Day is done.
Gone the sun,
from the lake, from the hill, from the sky.
All is well.
Safely rest,
God is nigh.

Thanks and praise,
for our days,
'neath the sun, 'neath the stars, 'neath the sky.
As we go,
this we know.
God is nigh.


We have dedicated this page to the memory
of our comrades who served in our 5th Battalion.


Anyone may submit a memorial to honor past members of the 5th Battalion, 60th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division.
All memories will be posted but, if you can afford it, you may also make a monetary donation to our 5th Battalion 60th Infantry Association in the memory of the one who served.
Anyone making a donation to the 5th Battalion 60th Infantry Association will receive a gold star in front of their name on the "Membership" page.
The person being honored will, also have a gold star next to his name on either the "The 5/60 Wall" page or the "Memorial" page.
All of these gold stars will act as links between the memorial itself and the individual who dedicated the memorial.
If there is someone who served in the 5th. Battalion that you would like to memorialize, send your information to the Secretary.
If you would like to make a donation make out the check to:
5th Battalion 60th Infantry Association

and send it to the Secretary at:
5th Battalion 60th Infantry Association
377 Pebble Beach Drive
Rio Vista CA 94571-2140
Pictures may be edited by the Webmaster for size.
Words should be limited to 1000 or less.

The following individuals have placed a memorial and/or gave a donation.  Please click on their name or star to view:

John Skiffington for one of the 5th Battalion Commanders,
LTC Lucien K. Truscontt III

Brian McCormick and William Metzler for their friend Alan Kisling

With pride and in loving memory of my brotherLT George F. FitzPatrick
Deane Illk

Tony Sparaco for all who served in the 5th Bn 60th Inf 9th ID.

Barney Tharp for his friend Ed Reiser.

With pride and in loving memory of my fatherLTC Leo P. Sikorski
Sandra L. Khawam

Michael Morgan for all of the men of HHC mortars.
Michael Morgan in honor of Denny Chancler, Danny Row and Jon Broenell
for listening and understanding.

Bob Cooper for all 5th/60th men who didn't come home.

Ted Cremasco for all past members of HHC Co
Ted Cremasco for all 5th/60th guys.

William Doherty for all the men who operated out of Binh Phuoc

Robert G. "Bob" Dornhecker for Leroy B. Webb.

Al (Hop) Hopkinson for one of the 5th Battalion Commanders,
LTC Lucien K. Truscontt III
Al (Hop) Hopkinson for  LTC Lucien K. Truscontt III.  The Colonel was the first to take command of the 5th/60th in the summer of 1966. Due to his rigorous training schedule at Fort Riley, the unit was fully trained and ready for combat when it arrived in Vietnam in December of 1966.

Tim Koeneman in honor of All 5/60 mech guys

Alan ( Shorty ) Kisling for his comrades Edmund B. Scarborough,
Richard Flores, Randolph Wilkins, and Robert Jacobs

Lawrence M. Klisura  To all Vietnam soldiers that wanted to be loved as much as they loved their country

William Metzler for his friend Joe Stanley

Larry Nixon in honor of HHC Recon Platoon

Edward P. (Ted) Rinn in honor of 1st Platoon Alpha Company

Bob Rose in honor of all Vietnam Veterans
Bob Rose in honor of all 5th/60th guys
Bob Rose in honor of all 5th/60th KIAs

Siegfried, Stephen and Maggie  - In Memory of their Beloved Son,
Benjamin Thomas Siegfried

Major General William Steele (Ret) in honor of all 5/60 MIA and KIA

Jerry Stepp in honor of Recon Platoon

Terry G. Stull in honor of Charlie Rangers

Alec Wade in honor of the 5th/60th 

Henry Wells in honor of the 5th/60th

Michael A. Storti for his friend Anthony Belletti

Manuel Lucas for his comrades KIA from the 1st Platoon of Bravo Co.

Bob Lazzell for his friend Joe Stanley

Daniel Payton for All Recon Platoon Members

Richard E. (Rick) Jordon
Alpha Co - 1968

Departed 8/7/2011

John Coyle
Alpha Co - 11/68 - 12/69

Departed 1/14/2011

Ed Reiser
Alpha Co - 7/68 - 7/69

Departed 7/13/2009

Left to Right - Ed Reiser - Barney Tharp

Ed " Sgt. Rock " Reiser held several leadership roles while serving with Alpha Company at Rach Kien, Vietnam. He advanced from Fire Team Leader to Squad Leader to Platoon Sergeant. Ed's disciplined demeanor made him an outstanding NCO and an invaluable part of Alpha Company's success. The men loved and respected Sgt. Rock. Ed returned to " The World " and Illinois, and soon met and married Ann. They have two loving children, Chris and Jennifer, and three grandchildren. Sadly, Ed died of a heart attack on
7-13-09. I was honored to travel to Illinois to attend my Nam Brother's memorial and to pay tribute to his impact on my life spanning 40 years.
Respectfully submitted by Barney Tharp.

LTC. Lucian Truscott
5th. Battalion Commander

Respectfully submitted by Al (Hop) Hopkinson

Joe Stanley
HHC Co - 8/67-8/68

Left to Right - Joe Stanley & William "Metz" Metzler

Joe Stanley served as a Bravo Company Field Medic before becoming a Senior Medic at the aide station at Binh Phuoc.
He returned to his native North Carolina and became a Registered Nurse.
Joe served for many years as the Director of Central Supply of Dorothea Dix Hospital in Raleigh NC.
Our Vietnam brother died of a heart attack on 12/10/93.
Respectfully submitted by William Metzler

Edmund B. Scarborough
C. Co. Commander
KIA May 10th 1968
Battle at the Y Bridge. RVN

Richard Flores
RTO. C. Co. Command Group
KIA. May 10th 1968
Battle at the Y Bridge. RVN

William G. Behan
RTO. C. Co. Command Group
KIA. May 10th 1968
Battle at the Y Bridge. RVN

Robert Jacobs
RTO. Arty FO Team C. Co.
KIA. May 10th 1968
Battle at the Y Bridge. RVN


They may be forgotten by others, but never by me.

Respectfully submitted by Alan ( Shorty ) Kisling

Anthony Belletti

Anthony Belletti was KIA in Oct 1968 while serving with the 2/60th 1st
Infantry Division. Our platoon engaged an NVA Company and Tony was killed
during the initial contact. I think of him often. He was a friend and fellow

Respectfully submitted by Michael A. Storti

Lt. Leroy B. Webb

Lt. Webb originally went with the Battalion as the S-2 in 1966 and requested to go to a line Company (Bravo Company).  He was KIA on April 10, 1967.  The support base at Tan An along Thunder Road was named in his honor.

Respectfully submitted by Robert G. "Bob" Dornhecker



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